Can’t Decide Which Movie to Watch

Usually not home on a Saturday night, but since we are all going out to party hearty Sunday night for New Year’s Eve, I decided to stay home and get to bed early. We all stayed out so late last night that I’m running on empty and need some sleep. So I want to pick a movie on cable and fall asleep in my recliner when my eyes get too heavy.

There are so many good movies on cable tonight. What is up with that? Usually I’ve got 700 channels and not a damn thing worth watching. But tonight I have to pick from 6 different ones that are all good in their own right. I decoded to go with the Blues Brothers on Cinemax. I really dig that movie – it was good times, back in the day!

Rob Zombie puts on an Amazing Show

I went to the Rob Zombie, Disturbed concert with a friend and had a blast. Rob Zombie really puts on an amazing show. I almost wish we had splurged for better seats. I know that if I ever go see him again, that I most definitely will spring for better seats. Front row would be amazing… Hopefully they come back again a couple of years and I can do that.

In the meantime, I am going to go to the Bonnaroo festival this summer. I really hope it is better than last year. Last year it was so hot that people were passing out and there just wasn’t enough water or places to cool off. Supposedly they are going to have cooling tents this year with water spraying so you can get cooled off.

I am not sure who the headliners are going to be this year, but I am sure they will be great. As they usually are. I bought a small camping air conditioner for at night time. I will have to keep it locked up in the car though to make sure it doesn’t “disappear.” I know that I will at least be cool at night while we are camping. Hope for good weather and not the sweltering heat they’s had the past couple of years. A body can only sweat so much!

The song “No” by Megan Trainor

I think this YouTube video about the song “No” by Megan Trainor is so funny – it is about a woman who is being approached by a guy who is asking her for her name, zodiac sign, and her
phone number and she is replying by simply telling him “no.” I think that it sends a positive message to ladies everywhere, to not feel guilty about saying “no” to men that are not welcome. What do you think?

Easter Dinner Preperations

This year I invited a few family members to join us for Easter dinner. I usually invite the entire family, but there are so many people who are at odds with each other and are getting a reputation within the family for causing a scene, that this year that I decided a peaceful, pleasant dinner with less people would be a better approach. The people who showed their butts at the last two holiday dinners that I hosted were not invited to my Easter dinner. I’m sure they will find other places to go, instead.

Since it will be a smaller group for dinner, I can spend a little more money on the food and upgrade my menu. I’ll be shopping for the fresh foods tomorrow and I picked up the ham today. Since I can upgrade, I decided to buy a Honey Baked Ham instead of the usual half ham at the grocery store. I had never heard about Honey Baked hams until my sister had one at her house a few years ago. I could not believe how delicious that ham was! The Honey Baked people do it right!

I want to have scalloped potatoes and also my mother’s macaroni and cheese casserole. I need something green but can’t decide what to have. I might decide while at the store when I can see what is fresh and looks good. At the moment I am thinking about asparagus, but if I can find fresh green beans I might get those instead.

Usually I like to have pie for dessert, but several people have asked if I will bake my World Famous Coconut Cake. It is my mother-in-law’s special recipe that she made from scratch. I found a way to make it almost as delicious using a mix and adding pudding mix. Besides, it’s not the cake as much as it is the frosting with the fresh coconut. So if I can figure out how to have enough time to cake the cake, that will be dessert this year.

My First Guitar Pull

Maybe everyone knows what a “Guitar Pull” is, but I have never heard that term and when I was invited to one by a friend who is a song writer, I had no idea what we would be doing. But my instincts told me it would be fun, because Sandy is a fun guy and everyone always has a good time with him around.

Turns out everyone is supposed to bring some kind of food, like a pot luck thing, and their musical instrument. You are expected to socialize with 10-20 other people who came to the Guitar Pull and have some great food and laughs as you get to know each other, or get re-acquainted with people you might not have seen in a long time. And then, everyone drags their chairs into a big circle and they take turns choosing a song to sing. Everyone pitches in if they know the song. And the experienced musicians can somehow find a way to play along even if they’ve never heard that song before!

Sandy tuned his guitar in the car while I drove over to Richard’s house on Sunday for the Guitar Pill. I teasingly asked what Sandy would have done if I had not agreed to drive him there. He laughed and said he would have waited until he got there and then used an online tuner. All his friends take their guitars very seriously and no one has any patience for an instrument that is out of tune!