The song “No” by Megan Trainor

I think this YouTube video about the song “No” by Megan Trainor is so funny – it is about a woman who is being approached by a guy who is asking her for her name, zodiac sign, and her
phone number and she is replying by simply telling him “no.” I think that it sends a positive message to ladies everywhere, to not feel guilty about saying “no” to men that are not welcome. What do you think?

Our Flag and Fireworks

This photo made me feel very patriotic. I think it is because it looks what, in my mind, the person who wrote the Star Spangled Banner was watching, back in the day.


I cannot imagine the stress that our troops and citizens were under during that attack in Baltimore. But I think the lyrics to our National Anthem describe it perfectly. I always feel grateful to be an American appreciate the sacrifices made by our forefathers.

If you are enjoying a fireworks display tonight in celebration of the Fourth of July, I hope you also take a moment to think about our flag and how important it was to see it still waving, so many years ago.

Valentines Day is a Day of Heartbreak for Many People

Valentines Day (free clip art)
Valentines Day (free clip art)

Valentine’s Day is a Day of Heartbreak for Many People. I often wish that Valentine’s Day was never invented, never celebrated. I can remember when I was in school some of the teachers required that every kid bring a valentine card for every other kid, and the class had a party, and that worked out well. But there were a lot of teachers that did not require that – they let the kids pick out who to give valentine cards to, and there were kids in the class that gave out valentines and did not get any in return. Or they gave out valentines cards to all of the classmates but only got one or two back. That is heartbreaking to a shy kid, who tries so hard to make friends, to have that happen to them. (Speaking from experience here!)

Then in the higher grade levels, the kids made a big deal in school about their romantic interest giving them a valentine’s day card and a gift. So many kids got nothing, and that hurts! During a time when kids egos are so fragile, they don’t need that kind of blow to their ego!

As adults, there are so many times that people have no romantic interest during Valentine’s Day, or they may be separated from their love for reasons beyond their control. So much pain, and sorrow. And then the couples and families that are struggling so hard financially that they can’t afford to buy a card, or a gift, or cook a special meal for their loved one! Valentine’s Day? Bah Humbug I say!

Dear Mr. Groundhog

sleeping groundhog
sleeping groundhog

Dear Mr. Groundhog,

I heard that you saw your shadow, and now everyone is angry with you. I want you to know that I don’t blame you, I really don’t. The stupid humans should just have let you sleep. For them to wake you up and drag you outside is just plain rude, and they deserve what they get. I just wish that those stupid humans would learn their lesson and stop waking you up. I am sure it is all their fault. If they had let you sleep, you would not have seen your shadow, and we would be having an early spring.

Stupid humans. They just won’t learn.