The song “No” by Megan Trainor

I think this YouTube video about the song “No” by Megan Trainor is so funny – it is about a woman who is being approached by a guy who is asking her for her name, zodiac sign, and her
phone number and she is replying by simply telling him “no.” I think that it sends a positive message to ladies everywhere, to not feel guilty about saying “no” to men that are not welcome. What do you think?

Electric or Acoustic

I can remember when I was a pre-teen, I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I had taken piano lessons for many years, and I felt that made me a “nerd.” I was certain that if I learned how to play a guitar, I would instantly become one of the popular kids in school! Well, my parents did purchase an inexpensive acoustic guitar for me one year, as a gift. I don’t remember if it was for my birthday, or Christmas, but I will say that I took lessons for a few weeks, but could not take the pain involved in pressing my fingers down on the strings!

Anyone who can take that kind of punishment has my admiration, that is for sure! A few years ago, I gave my old, acoustic guitar to one of my friend’s kids. He did really well with the guitar, and I’ve heard that his parents are planning to buy a new electric guitar for him for Christmas! I haven’t heard him play at all yet, but I am hoping to go to their house sometimes soon and ask for a short performance! I am glad that my old guitar has proven to be a stepping-stone to bigger and better musical accomplishments.

Library cards

I love to read. When I was younger my teachers were so upset with me for reading so much that they used to send notes home to my parents complaining that I read too much  My parents used to buy me a lot of books from the school’s Scholastic Book Orders, but eventually our bookcases overflowed with books that were only read once. So they finally wised up and got me a library card to the public library. I love going to the library and picking out a couple of books that interest me, bringing them home to read, and then returning them to the library when I’m done. The library is right in town so it is not inconvenient for me to go there. Library cards are one of the best “freebie” bargains there are!

A reading debate – is reading comics really reading?

kid reading comic books (free clip art)
kid reading comic books (free clip art)

I can remember when I was younger, I read everything I could get my hands on. I love to read! I always HAVE loved to read! When I was babysitting a neighbor’s kid a few nights ago, I brought a book with me to read after the kid was asleep. The mother asked me how I would suggest she get her kid to read more. I told her to let her kid read whatever interested her – even if it meant just reading comic books or reading things over the Internet. Reading is reading, it doesn’t matter what the medium is. If you take away your kids comic books, and that is the only thing the kid WILL read, you are hurting the chances of the kid ever developing into a good reader and moving on to other things. I brought that up because when I was younger my father always complained that I was wasting my time reading comic books. Well, I’m an avid reader, and I think that reading comic books encouraged me to read more things! So, parents, if your kids want to read comic books, then let them read comic books!

Chicken cordon bleu

Chicken cordon bleu (free clip art)
Chicken cordon bleu (free clip art)

Tonight I decided to cook something special for dinner I’d never tried before. I cooked chicken cordon bleu, rice, peas, gravy, and dinner rolls. We had company for dinner, so it was really nice to have something special like that turn out so good! I’m getting to be a pretty good cook, if I say so myself! I think cooking is actually quite a bit of fun, if you can get people to eat what you cook without acting like you’re trying to kill them!