Rob Zombie puts on an Amazing Show

I went to the Rob Zombie, Disturbed concert with a friend and had a blast. Rob Zombie really puts on an amazing show. I almost wish we had splurged for better seats. I know that if I ever go see him again, that I most definitely will spring for better seats. Front row would be amazing… Hopefully they come back again a couple of years and I can do that.

In the meantime, I am going to go to the Bonnaroo festival this summer. I really hope it is better than last year. Last year it was so hot that people were passing out and there just wasn’t enough water or places to cool off. Supposedly they are going to have cooling tents this year with water spraying so you can get cooled off.

I am not sure who the headliners are going to be this year, but I am sure they will be great. As they usually are. I bought a small camping air conditioner for at night time. I will have to keep it locked up in the car though to make sure it doesn’t “disappear.” I know that I will at least be cool at night while we are camping. Hope for good weather and not the sweltering heat they’s had the past couple of years. A body can only sweat so much!

The song “No” by Megan Trainor

I think this YouTube video about the song “No” by Megan Trainor is so funny – it is about a woman who is being approached by a guy who is asking her for her name, zodiac sign, and her
phone number and she is replying by simply telling him “no.” I think that it sends a positive message to ladies everywhere, to not feel guilty about saying “no” to men that are not welcome. What do you think?

My First Guitar Pull

Maybe everyone knows what a “Guitar Pull” is, but I have never heard that term and when I was invited to one by a friend who is a song writer, I had no idea what we would be doing. But my instincts told me it would be fun, because Sandy is a fun guy and everyone always has a good time with him around.

Turns out everyone is supposed to bring some kind of food, like a pot luck thing, and their musical instrument. You are expected to socialize with 10-20 other people who came to the Guitar Pull and have some great food and laughs as you get to know each other, or get re-acquainted with people you might not have seen in a long time. And then, everyone drags their chairs into a big circle and they take turns choosing a song to sing. Everyone pitches in if they know the song. And the experienced musicians can somehow find a way to play along even if they’ve never heard that song before!

Sandy tuned his guitar in the car while I drove over to Richard’s house on Sunday for the Guitar Pill. I teasingly asked what Sandy would have done if I had not agreed to drive him there. He laughed and said he would have waited until he got there and then used an online tuner. All his friends take their guitars very seriously and no one has any patience for an instrument that is out of tune!

The New Year Both Ends and Begins

I hope this New Year’s Day finds everyone healthy and happy. With a little luck, maybe you were able to parlay yesterday plus today off from work, and now you have the bonus of two more days off due to the weekend. Four days off in a row is something that doesn’t come along often for most working people.

For many, the New Year begins 2016 with hope and promise and probably a resolution or two. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Not to sound like a snob, but I don’t feel the need to wait for just one day to try to improve myself. If someone brings a shortcoming to my attention or I have a moment of realization, then I will start right then and there to improve myself – not wait for a calendar date to make changes.

For others, New Year’s means the end of an exhausting 2 months of extra work and long hours due to Christmas shoppers and holiday parties. My father was a musician, which meant from the first weekend in November all through Christmas and up to New Year’s he was with his band playing music. New Year’s meant the time to rest and recover from such a hectic time.

Whatever New Year’s means to you, I hope it is a good thing and that 2016 brings many good things to you.

Electric or Acoustic

I can remember when I was a pre-teen, I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I had taken piano lessons for many years, and I felt that made me a “nerd.” I was certain that if I learned how to play a guitar, I would instantly become one of the popular kids in school! Well, my parents did purchase an inexpensive acoustic guitar for me one year, as a gift. I don’t remember if it was for my birthday, or Christmas, but I will say that I took lessons for a few weeks, but could not take the pain involved in pressing my fingers down on the strings!

Anyone who can take that kind of punishment has my admiration, that is for sure! A few years ago, I gave my old, acoustic guitar to one of my friend’s kids. He did really well with the guitar, and I’ve heard that his parents are planning to buy a new electric guitar for him for Christmas! I haven’t heard him play at all yet, but I am hoping to go to their house sometimes soon and ask for a short performance! I am glad that my old guitar has proven to be a stepping-stone to bigger and better musical accomplishments.