Digital cameras eat batteries

My digital camera eats batteries like a hot knife goes through butter. Whenever I go someplace where I think I might want to take better photographs than my cell phone will take I bring my digital camera, but I also bring a lot of replacement batteries. I cannot say for sure whether the Duracell batteries or the Energizer batteries last longer in the camera – they just all go so darn fast! I’ve been told that lithium batteries will last longer, but they are so very expensive to buy! Making the decision to buy them might be easier to make if I knew exactly HOW much longer they would last!

And don’t even get me started on those rechargeable batteries! They are only good for a few photographs and then they need to be recharged. To be perfectly honest I cannot understand why people say that rechargeable batteries are better for the environment – I know that in theory the battery itself is not going into the landfill (for a while anyway until they won’t recharge any more) but doesn’t the electricity used to recharge them generate a carbon footprint of its own that negates the benefit of keeping the batteries out of the landfill longer? People tell me that we should not throw any dead batteries in the trash, but I don’t know where there is any place that we can take dead batteries to properly dispose of them.

One thought on “Digital cameras eat batteries”

  1. This might help – try your Home Depot store for disposing of batteries and burned out light bulbs. The one here has large recycling bins outside the front door – that’s where I take mine.


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