My First Guitar Pull

Maybe everyone knows what a “Guitar Pull” is, but I have never heard that term and when I was invited to one by a friend who is a song writer, I had no idea what we would be doing. But my instincts told me it would be fun, because Sandy is a fun guy and everyone always has a good time with him around.

Turns out everyone is supposed to bring some kind of food, like a pot luck thing, and their musical instrument. You are expected to socialize with 10-20 other people who came to the Guitar Pull and have some great food and laughs as you get to know each other, or get re-acquainted with people you might not have seen in a long time. And then, everyone drags their chairs into a big circle and they take turns choosing a song to sing. Everyone pitches in if they know the song. And the experienced musicians can somehow find a way to play along even if they’ve never heard that song before!

Sandy tuned his guitar in the car while I drove over to Richard’s house on Sunday for the Guitar Pill. I teasingly asked what Sandy would have done if I had not agreed to drive him there. He laughed and said he would have waited until he got there and then used an online tuner. All his friends take their guitars very seriously and no one has any patience for an instrument that is out of tune!