Olympics in China – protests

I’ve been reading with interest the protests surrounding the Olympic Torch relay. Apparently the protests are happening because the demonstrators are upset that the Olympics are being held in China, and China has such a bad record of human rights violations. It seems that when the Olympic Committee awarded the 2008 site to China, China promised to improve its human rights problems, and it has not done so. Because of that lack of improvement, there are protests following the Olympic Torch. Some people are calling for other countries (including the US) to boycott the Olympics completely. Although I understand the reasons for this, I think it would be a shame, and wrong to boycott the Olympics. The athletes that have been training for years to be in the Olympics should not be caught in a political battle; this just would not be fair to them at all.

Having friends over for the weekend

Well, this morning I got up early to get the house ready for guests that will be spending the weekend.  They’re supposed to arrive in about three hours, so I should have enough time to get the guest room ready, and the rest of the place picked up and somewhat presentable.  I’m going to have to make a quick run to the town to pick up some more veggie tray ingredients, chips, dip and soda!  This was a last minute surprise to me, so I didn’t pick up enough food during the last shopping trip to last all of us for the weekend.  I hope the weather cooperates so maybe we can go out tonight and have supper and catch a movie!

Cross country skiing today

Well, it is snowing today, but I’m going to go out cross country skiing in it anyway for a little while.  I enjoy the exercise, and I enjoy the peace and quiet of skiing on a nice trail, the snow falling gently around me.  The beauty of the countryside is something that brings a tranquility to my soul that is hard to describe.  I really enjoy being outside when it is so very quiet that all I can hear is my own breath and the swish of my skis.

Leap Day 2008!

Today is Leap Day; it comes only once every four years. I wish I had thought ahead to hold a party with my friends today! That would have been a good excuse for a party, and helped to cure some of the cabin fever that we are all suffering. After all, it IS a Friday! Maybe I’ll call a couple of friends and we’ll all go out to dinner together and have a little impromptu party!

Hello world!

Hello to all of you out in cyberspace!  This is my personal blog; I hope to fill it with expressions of my thoughts, opinions, dreams, and even my disappointments.  I hope you enjoy reading it, and hope that maybe you might find some inspiration or perhaps some fellowship in some of my posts.  I wish all of my readers the very best that life has to offer.