Senior Pranks

I’ve always admired the Senior Pranks that some high school seniors come up with, as long as there is no one injured, and no destruction of property.  This morning’s local paper reports a great senior prank at a local high school where several seniors managed to haul a port-potty up onto the roof of the high school, and equipped it with a stuffed dummy to make it look like there was someone inside the porta-potty, actively using it.  I have to admire the students who pulled off the prank, and I especially admire the administration of the school for not punishing the students, and taking it all in the good-natured spirit of fun that it was intended.

I am very tired of hearing/reading stories about school administrators NOT tolerating good natured harmless pranks and punishing kids that participate in that good clean fun tradition of senior pranks.  So, KUDOS to all of those involved in this prank! 

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