Library cards

I love to read. When I was younger my teachers were so upset with me for reading so much that they used to send notes home to my parents complaining that I read too much  My parents used to buy me a lot of books from the school’s Scholastic Book Orders, but eventually our bookcases overflowed with books that were only read once. So they finally wised up and got me a library card to the public library. I love going to the library and picking out a couple of books that interest me, bringing them home to read, and then returning them to the library when I’m done. The library is right in town so it is not inconvenient for me to go there. Library cards are one of the best “freebie” bargains there are!

Meeting friends through blogging

I was at a neighborhood block party last weekend and met some new people that I had not met before. I always go to the town-wide neighborhood street parties with ambiguity – I don’t want to be rubbing elbows with the creep that we suspect is a child molester that is always leering at the young girls, or the guy that we suspect is the serial arsonist that’s never been caught. However, I like going to the street parties to hobnob with the few that show up that are my age and share my interests and see what’s going on in their lives that might be of interest. Maybe they’ve found something fun to do that I could try out. Goodness knows in this neck of the woods good clean fun is hard to find!  

So it was with quite a bit of surprise that I met a woman about my age who shares the same musical interests that I have, likes the same kinds of movies, television shows and books that I do, and shares my love of animals. So we spent quite a bit of time socializing and she told me to check out her blog when I got home and had a chance to check it out. I did, and I was glad that I did because now I feel like I’ve gotten to know her a little better.  I hope we can keep in touch!

Web hosting for dummies

Cute post title, huh? I chose it because I like the “dummies” books! There probably is a “dummies” book out there called that, but I haven’t seen it yet. But I do have other “dummies” books that I have used to learn things about software programs and things on the Internet. I sure hope I don’t get into any kind of trouble by using that phrase in my post! I am always in the process of learning things about the Internet, and I want to share what I learn with you as I learn them. I’d like you to share what you’ve learned with me, too! So, let’s start sharing!

I have found a good website that has some good web hosting articles. The page is set up like a blog that you can send “responses” to. I’ve been reading them with quite a bit of interest because some of the articles are warning against cheap web hosting, but then they are explaining that some cheap web hosting is good. The articles are giving tips on how to find out if the cheap web hosting you (or I) might be thinking about buying is a good one or a bad one. One of the articles talks about checking the testimonials to see if they are valid or not, and explains how to check them out without calling up the person and saying “is this for real?”

The main page of this particular website, rates web hosts and would be a good place to visit to compare the different web hosts before making a final decision about which one to buy. I like this site!

Textbooks are really expensive

One of the things that my aunt always complained about when she was taking college courses was how expensive it was to buy the textbooks that she needed for the courses that she was taking. Often she would have to spend over a hundred dollars on textbooks for just one class! She said the most she ever had to spend on textbooks for one class was one hundred and eighty-four dollars! And those books were used books to boot! And then at the end of the semester she said that the “buy back” program at the school’s book store said that they would not buy them back because that was the last year that they were using those books – a new edition was released and was going to be used the next semester!

I never could understand why the schools did not let the students rent textbooks instead of forcing them to buy them. Sure, I can understand the need for a refundable deposit on the books, just in case the books aren’t returned in good shape, or not returned at all, but sometimes the cost of purchasing textbooks is so expensive that some students simply cannot afford the books at all! The tuition and fees of going to college are outrageously expensive to begin with; charging hundreds of dollars for textbooks on top of that is adding insult to injury. Personally I think that the cost of the textbooks should be just part of the tuition cost – you pay the tuition fee and the books are free. That would make higher education a lot more attainable to a lot more students!

Self Help Books on Kindle

My dad got a Kindle for Christmas and he loves it. I was concerned that since he has rejected most electronics and computers, that he would not really like the Kindle. But to my surprise, he says he loves the lightweight, always available, non glare screen and he uses it daily. In fact, he reads more now with his Kindle than he used to when he was buying paperback books.

For Father’s Day I think I will give him a gift card to download more books for his Kindle. He has mentioned wanting to read more self help books, on a variety of subjects. Often those are hard to find in paperback and the hardback books are too expensive. So if he can get four or five of the books that he wants from a gift card, then at least I know he will like the gift.