New Mic Press for a DJ Business

dj (free clip art)
dj (free clip art)
When Steve was telling me that he was thinking about buying the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 mic press, I didn’t know what he was talking about. In fact I thought that he was talking about something for his new car! Turns out it is a piece of equipment that he wants to get for his DJ business. I guess there is a lot for me to learn about this new business of his!

Backing up computer files

As files get progressively larger, storing backup files on a local hard drive takes up valuable storage space and before you know it your hard drive is full!  And if the hard drive crashes, you’ve lost not only your original files, but probably your back up files too. I’ve always backed up files on a separate medium, either a floppy (when floppies were the only thing out there!) then onto CDs and thumb drives, and then onto portable external hard drives. They work fine for my needs here at home, but if I were running a business I’d want to back up my files on a web based back up service.

My friend has been talking quite a bit with me lately about his company’s computers and Internet needs. I’m thinking about telling him that he has to put me on his payroll! He’s been asking me what type of backup procedure to use for his office’s Mac computers. I’ve given him several suggestions. I hope he takes my advice!

My friend wants to buy a van

My best friend wants to buy a van.  She wants to use it to take crafts she makes to local craft fairs, hoping to make some money off of her favorite hobby.  She wants me to join her in her “weekend” business by helping her load the van at her house and going to the fairs with her, unloading the van at the fair and setting up her display and then help her man her table at the fair.  She’s offered to pay me a percentage of the money that she takes in.  I’m not sure that she will really make any money doing this, but I told her I’d help her for one season.

I’m really concerned that the cost of gas is going so high that she’s not going to be able to drive it out of her driveway!  But, she is pretty insistent, and she is telling me that right now the prices of vans are getting lower because of the gas crisis.  I’ve told her that if she is so insistent on buying a van I will help her try to find the best insurance for vans by doing some Internet research on the coverage and prices that are available from the many different insurance providers.

Business promotion ideas

Guest post by Linda Bradshaw

A few weeks ago a woman on one of my local Facebook groups about small business owners networking and brainstorming about running their businesses created a post about how upset she was with a neighbor who had reportedly given her teenage daughter several hundred promotional door-hangers that promote her new cleaning business. The teenage daughter allegedly distributed several hundred of the door-hangers to her friends and asked them if they would walk around their own neighborhoods and hang them on the door knobs of their neighbors. This Facebook post was basically telling people that they should not use their teenagers to help promote their businesses.

There were several other people that chimed in that this distribution was, indeed, a terrible idea, and that the lady who had started the new cleaning business was evil incarnate. One person on the group, however, chimed in to the discussion asking the other folks what methods of advertising had worked for THEIR small businesses. Much to my surprise, and disappointment, the people in the group simply became hostile, argumentative and combative towards the lady that had asked a simple question. In the end the lady who had asked the question about what methods worked for them was kicked out of the group by the group’s owner.

I’m seriously thinking about sending all of the people in that FB group the link to a place where they can order personalized stress balls. It sure seems to me as if they could all use some stress relief!

Do business locally

Did you know that a lot of big businesses only contribute to charities that are in their own home town? I was trying to do a charity fundraiser a few months ago, asking for goods to auction off and going from store to store in the local strip mall, going to the “Big name stores” and asking for donations of merchandise or gift cards and they said it was “against corporate policy” and that their stores only contributed to charities in their corporate headquarters home town that was in another state? Yet the small mom and pop locally owned businesses ALL donated gift cards or new merchandise to the charity event.

Doing business locally is becoming more important in today’s economy. Doing business locally saves gasoline, too, which is good for the environment!

Local reviews of local businesses can often be found on the Internet to help the consumer locate a local business and find out whether or not the business is a reputable one.