Flat tires and blessings

Flat tires are no fun. Especially when you are running late to meet someone who needs you to pick them up and take them to an important appointment. Especially when that someone you are meeting does not have a working cell phone with them because that person forgot to plug the phone into the charger the night before. Especially when AAA takes an hour to get to where you are to change the tire for you. Especially when the AAA guy tells you that there is a huge spike in the tire and he is sure that the tire is unrepairable so you’re going to need to buy a new tire.

OK, now it is time to be counting my blessings. I’m blessed to have a car at my disposal. I’m blessed to have a cell phone to call for help when I need it. I’m blessed that I saw the flat tire before I got in the car so I did not have an accident while driving the car. I’m blessed to have AAA to call to come help me when I have car troubles. I’m blessed to have the money to buy a new tire when I need it. And I’m blessed to be able to be grateful for all of my blessings so that the challenges in life like flat tires don’t ruin my day.

Tax day

Well, tomorrow is the deadline for filing income taxes. I was smart and filed my taxes a couple of months ago, and already got my refund check! I was thrilled to pieces to get a refund, but my car decided to break down the same day that my check was deposited in my checking account, and those car repairs wiped out the entire refund! That was a very mean trick to play on me, don’t you agree?

Of course my parents tell me that I should be really glad that I had the money to pay for the repairs, and I have to reluctantly agree with them – I would have been in deep trouble if the car had broken down and I had no money to pay for it. But I still find it very frustrating that every time I think that I can have a little bit of extra money to spend on something that I WANT I end up having to use it on something that I NEED. So it’s a half-full or half-empty glass situation. As my parents would say, at least I have a glass!

High winds

The winds were very strong all day today. One of the wind gusts picked up one of our neighbor’s trash cans and blew it onto the hood of his car. It bounced onto his windshield, breaking it. I heard the noise of the crash and looked outside the living room window to see what it was. When I saw the trash can on top of his car, I called him on the telephone to let him know what happened. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I figured that it was better for him to find out about it now than it would be for him to find it out just as he was in a hurry to go some where. At least now he can make alternative arrangements and get a windshield replacement service to order the windshield he is going to need. Poor Dan just never seems to be able to catch a break!

When life gives you lemons

Guest post by Alice Shearings

There is an old saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I’ve always hated that saying, how about you? Have you ever bought a car that was a total lemon? I have, several times. The most recent time was back around 1982. I had bought one of those Plymouth K car station wagons. It was an automatic transmission and there were two continuing problems with it. One being that the heater always blew hot air even when the blower was turned off – in the summer time we roasted because the only thing that would come was hot air. We took that back to the dealer many times and they could never fix it. The other problem was that the car would stall out frequently when pulling out into traffic from a dead stop. I could understand it better if it was a standard transmission, but it was an automatic.

The dealer couldn’t fix that either. If I recall correctly, that was before lemon laws went into effect, and we ended up selling that lemon after a couple of years. We warned the buyer about the problems before they bought it, but they bought it anyway. Since then, many states have adopted lemon laws. I’m not completely sure if it is a federal law or not; I haven’t followed that situation closely at all. If and when I DO buy another new car, if it turns out to be a lemon I will not hesitate for one second to find myself the closest California Lemon law lawyers to take the case if the dealer won’t make it right. I hate to think that I would have to hire California Lemon Law attorneys to make the dealer do the right thing, but my past experiences have shown that most big companies will only do the right thing if they are absolutely forced to do it.

As much as I hate to think that I would ever need to hire Lemon Law attorneys in California, my previous experiences tell me that there certainly is a need for them. At least maybe having passed the lemon laws and having the attorneys available has motivated the automotive industry to produce better cars. Or at least treat the customer better when the customer has a continuing problem.