Fountains are good places to watch other people

One of the things that I like to do when I go to the mall is to spend some time sitting near the indoor floor fountains and watch how many people will toss a few coins into the water to make a wish. Sometimes it is a young father, giving a few pennies to a preschool little girl in pigtails, and he holds her up in his arms so she can see better where the coin lands. Sometimes it is a young couple on a romantic date, walking arm in arm, or hand in hand and they stop at the fountain for a couple of minutes, the young man gives the young lady a couple of quarters to toss in, or they both toss in some change. Sometimes they kiss before they toss the coins, sometimes after. Sometimes both. I enjoy people watching, and fountains are a good place for that.

Golden eagle gold coins

Golden eagle gold coins were first issued by the United States government in 1986. When they were issued, the intention was for the United States to compete with other countries gold coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf and the South African Krugerrand. Prices were supposed to be based on the value of the weight of the gold, but collectors have expressed such an interest in the coins that the value has increased due to the demand of the coin.

Learning about the silver eagle

My father was showing me his collection of coins last night, and was telling me how he first developed an interest in collecting coins. He was telling me that his father gave him an uncirculated silver eagle that had been turned into a bolo tie and told him to keep it in a safe place because it was valuable. He showed me the tie, and told me that when he passes on that I need to realize that it is valuable and don’t just put it in a lawn sale.