My nephew is reaching legal age, wants to get a credit card

My nephew is reaching legal age and is getting ready to go to college this coming fall. He came over for supper last night and was telling me about his plans for college, his career, his life. He is so excited, getting ready to enter “the real world.”

He was telling me that he wants to start to establish credit in his own name, and asked my advice about it. He wants to get a credit card in his own name and stop using his parent’s credit cards. I told him that was a good idea, and suggested that he check out several different websites to help figure out which credit card was the best one for him. I told him to get one with no annual fee, and to try to get one that pays some kind of rewards. There are several websites that review all of the major credit cards and has a lot of helpful articles about credit cards. I’m sure he will find the right one for him!

Textbooks are really expensive

One of the things that my aunt always complained about when she was taking college courses was how expensive it was to buy the textbooks that she needed for the courses that she was taking. Often she would have to spend over a hundred dollars on textbooks for just one class! She said the most she ever had to spend on textbooks for one class was one hundred and eighty-four dollars! And those books were used books to boot! And then at the end of the semester she said that the “buy back” program at the school’s book store said that they would not buy them back because that was the last year that they were using those books – a new edition was released and was going to be used the next semester!

I never could understand why the schools did not let the students rent textbooks instead of forcing them to buy them. Sure, I can understand the need for a refundable deposit on the books, just in case the books aren’t returned in good shape, or not returned at all, but sometimes the cost of purchasing textbooks is so expensive that some students simply cannot afford the books at all! The tuition and fees of going to college are outrageously expensive to begin with; charging hundreds of dollars for textbooks on top of that is adding insult to injury. Personally I think that the cost of the textbooks should be just part of the tuition cost – you pay the tuition fee and the books are free. That would make higher education a lot more attainable to a lot more students!

The Need For Scholarships

These days I can’t imagine many people out there able to afford to send one or more of their kids to college with the economy still in such turmoil. It’s a darned good thing that there are a variety of scholarships out there that can help reduce the out of pocket expense of furthering our future generations education. I even heard that there are scholarships available for students that are left handed. One day I just might have to check further into that to see if that is actually true or just a rumor, like so many things seem to turn out to be.

My sister is currently looking for available scholarships to try and assist her to be able to attend the community college in Portland. She wants to get into the medical field since there will always be a need for people in the medical field. She has always been a great student, but the family just doesn’t have a lot of cash flow at this point and time. All of the money that our folks were saving for our college expenses ended up keeping the roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, food on the table and the house warm during the cold winter months that seem to go on forever up here.

Son grows up

Author: Joyce Mccall

My son has grown up way too quickly. As cliché as it may sound, it seems like only yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital. Now he is off at college and I am not sure how to handle it. He is a great kid, but I was not ready for him to leave. I tried to help him get settled into his new place, but he wanted to do it all himself. I tried to give him advice on utilities, but he said it was Just Energy Offers and no big deal. He was confident he could handle it himself. I should be happy that I raised an independent child. I spent his entire life teaching him to do things on his own. I don’t know why I am so surprised that he is doing them on his own. He is a great kid and I am proud of him. I just wonder if I will ever be needed again or if he no longer needs his mother.