Bargains galore can be found on the Internet

I am all for saving money every single possible way.  With the price of gas skyrocketing, almost everything else seems to be following suit.  I know it is because the cost of transporting the goods from the producer to the consumer has increased dramatically.  Things are getting so expensive that people are going to end up cutting out all of their non-essential purchases and “make do” much longer than they want to.  The old adage “”use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” that our grandparents used to say (because of their experiences during the Great Depression) is becoming the motto of today.

That’s why I’m so very pleased to have found a website dedicated to help the consumers save money!  It is chock full of discounts and coupons on just about everything you can think of, from books, clothes, tools, jewelry, computers and cell phones.  I found a lot of great AT&T promotional codes on cell phones there.  They show offers of new phones and calling plans, refurbished phones, and a lot of different packages.  I’m in the market for a new cell phone plan, so I will be checking out these offers for sure!

Backing up computer files

As files get progressively larger, storing backup files on a local hard drive takes up valuable storage space and before you know it your hard drive is full!  And if the hard drive crashes, you’ve lost not only your original files, but probably your back up files too. I’ve always backed up files on a separate medium, either a floppy (when floppies were the only thing out there!) then onto CDs and thumb drives, and then onto portable external hard drives. They work fine for my needs here at home, but if I were running a business I’d want to back up my files on a web based back up service.

My friend has been talking quite a bit with me lately about his company’s computers and Internet needs. I’m thinking about telling him that he has to put me on his payroll! He’s been asking me what type of backup procedure to use for his office’s Mac computers. I’ve given him several suggestions. I hope he takes my advice!

Computer Backups Are Important

I know a lot of people who have lost their valuable data when their computer hard drive crashed. They were too confident that nothing bad would happen to them, or their computer, so they had not backed up their files. When their computer crashed, they suffered a lot of data loss – they lost almost all of their files, and they were fit to be tied! Back them up people!

Pay per install

When my Uncle Will was bragging about how much money he has been making off of his websites, using a pay per install affiliate network I was really impressed with how well he has been able to make his living off of computers and the Internet. I can remember back when we were younger there were a a lot of skeptics in the family that doubted that he was going to be able to make a living doing anything at all. I’m always glad when the underdog wins!

Used PC desktop

My uncle is an IT tech for several different companies, and he frequently talks about how his clients buy new computers every year, and have him haul away their old ones. So I thought that it would be a good idea to ask him if the next time he was asked to dispose of a used pc desktop that maybe he could give one of them to me to use. After all, my own pc is five years old, so a one year old pc would be an upgrade for me, right? Well, he told me that he would be glad to do that for me except for the fact that the companies always remove the hard drive and the cost of a new hard drive is so high that it would be cheaper for me to just buy a whole new computer!