Business promotion ideas

Guest post by Linda Bradshaw

A few weeks ago a woman on one of my local Facebook groups about small business owners networking and brainstorming about running their businesses created a post about how upset she was with a neighbor who had reportedly given her teenage daughter several hundred promotional door-hangers that promote her new cleaning business. The teenage daughter allegedly distributed several hundred of the door-hangers to her friends and asked them if they would walk around their own neighborhoods and hang them on the door knobs of their neighbors. This Facebook post was basically telling people that they should not use their teenagers to help promote their businesses.

There were several other people that chimed in that this distribution was, indeed, a terrible idea, and that the lady who had started the new cleaning business was evil incarnate. One person on the group, however, chimed in to the discussion asking the other folks what methods of advertising had worked for THEIR small businesses. Much to my surprise, and disappointment, the people in the group simply became hostile, argumentative and combative towards the lady that had asked a simple question. In the end the lady who had asked the question about what methods worked for them was kicked out of the group by the group’s owner.

I’m seriously thinking about sending all of the people in that FB group the link to a place where they can order personalized stress balls. It sure seems to me as if they could all use some stress relief!


When you get down to it there are so many uses around the house, garage and outside for all the various clamps that are available to us to put to good work. I am always looking for the perfect deal on the perfect clamp and have wasted a good amount of my time and money while doing that along the way. It is great that we have a Lowe’s and a Home Depot right next to each other in town. You can go back and forth from each store finding the best deals, which seems so old fashioned when so many people are doing that exact same thing online and saving a lot of time and energy along the way.

I found a great site that always carries the best brands, that someone was talking about on Face Book a few years back. I’ve gotten many clamps that I’ve always felt safe ordering and receiving online.

There will always be a need for the brick and mortar stores that we can walk, touch, smell, feel, shake, compare, weigh and all the other ways that we have been used to for most of our lives. I sometimes wonder what life would be like for like a 24 hour ban on using the Internet or for any other extended period of time, it boggles my mind.

Blogging seems to be gaining in popularity

Over the past couple of years I’ve been hearing that blogging is going to be losing its popularity, and more people will be using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and FourSquare instead of using their blogs. So I was quite surprised when my Aunt Linda told me that she was starting a blog of her own and asked me if I would consider doing a guest post on her blog at some point in the future. I told her that I’d be happy to do that, but I’m really quite unsure what I would want to write about as a guest post for her. If YOUR aunt asked YOU to write a guest post on HER blog, what do you think you would write about?

Carrying on

Guest post by Alice Robinson

Have you “liked” the CafePress Facebook page yet? I just found out about it a few moments ago and decided to “like” it so I could find out some more information about how we can customize our own promotional shirts for the family reunion we want to hold next year. To be perfectly honest, I’m a little bit confused right now because I’m having trouble finding out more information about how to do that from the information on the Facebook page. Maybe I just need to go straight to their website. What’s really confusing me is why should/would someone bother to “like” a Facebook page if they have to actually go to another web page to find the products? Oh, how embarrassing to be so technologically challenged!

Alright then, I have found their website and am looking at their keep calm and carry on merchandise. I had seen a teaser about how that saying was on posters in London during WWII, and is becoming popular again. That’s the first time I had heard that saying was used back then. I find it interesting because I use that concept in my own life, whenever anything happens that can confuse things I try to keep a level head.