Electric or Acoustic

I can remember when I was a pre-teen, I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I had taken piano lessons for many years, and I felt that made me a “nerd.” I was certain that if I learned how to play a guitar, I would instantly become one of the popular kids in school! Well, my parents did purchase an inexpensive acoustic guitar for me one year, as a gift. I don’t remember if it was for my birthday, or Christmas, but I will say that I took lessons for a few weeks, but could not take the pain involved in pressing my fingers down on the strings!

Anyone who can take that kind of punishment has my admiration, that is for sure! A few years ago, I gave my old, acoustic guitar to one of my friend’s kids. He did really well with the guitar, and I’ve heard that his parents are planning to buy a new electric guitar for him for Christmas! I haven’t heard him play at all yet, but I am hoping to go to their house sometimes soon and ask for a short performance! I am glad that my old guitar has proven to be a stepping-stone to bigger and better musical accomplishments.

Memory foam mattress

mattress (free clip art)
mattress (free clip art)
Have you every thought about buying one of those memory foam mattress beds that are advertised on television all of the time? My best friend has one, and she told me that she loves it. So when I decided to start shopping for a new mattress and box springs set I decided to try a few different types of mattresses. One of the mattresses I tried was the sleep number bed. I liked that one a lot, but the price is out of my budget! Then I went with a pillow-top mattress. I liked that one too. It was firm, but not too firm. Next was a standard mattress – which was like sleeping on the floor! Way too hard!

Next up was the memory foam mattress. I was really thinking I would like that one a lot, since my friend raved about it so much! But when I got onto the bed and rolled over on to my side, I started to feel nauseous! And the bed was very, very cold. I decided that maybe my lunch was disagreeing with me, so I went home without making any decisions at all. When I told my friend about my experience, she told me that some people do experience motion sickness when they are on the bed! How strange is that! I thought she was really pulling my leg, so I’m going to have to go back to the store and try that memory foam mattress again before I make up my mind.

My friend wants to buy a van

My best friend wants to buy a van.  She wants to use it to take crafts she makes to local craft fairs, hoping to make some money off of her favorite hobby.  She wants me to join her in her “weekend” business by helping her load the van at her house and going to the fairs with her, unloading the van at the fair and setting up her display and then help her man her table at the fair.  She’s offered to pay me a percentage of the money that she takes in.  I’m not sure that she will really make any money doing this, but I told her I’d help her for one season.

I’m really concerned that the cost of gas is going so high that she’s not going to be able to drive it out of her driveway!  But, she is pretty insistent, and she is telling me that right now the prices of vans are getting lower because of the gas crisis.  I’ve told her that if she is so insistent on buying a van I will help her try to find the best insurance for vans by doing some Internet research on the coverage and prices that are available from the many different insurance providers.

Fuel from salt water?

A friend of mine sent me a link to a blog that was talking about how someone has found a way to burn salt water, and that the possibility was there to further develop that to actually be able to run cars with that technology.

So I was just googling “fuel from salt water” and was reading the different links about it.

From what I can tell, right now it takes more energy to create the fuel than the fuel itself would generate, which makes it impractical.  Perhaps someone can refine the process, but I also read that when the salt water DOES burn, it releases a deadly form of chlorine gas, which probably would not be a good thing!

So, I think that quite a bit of “tweaking” needs to be done for that technology to hit the mainstream use of running our cars on saltwater!

I want an e-reader

As I mentioned last January, Kindle was a big seller last Christmas. Recently a friend showed me his Kindle, and I agree that it looks like a terrific e-reader to have. I know I would really enjoy having one, so I’m putting it on my Christmas wish list. But in the meantime I found out that I can download a software program into my laptop that I can use to read the Kindle books with, so for now I will make do with that.