Green beer day!

Green beer (free clip art)
Green beer (free clip art)

Well, today after work all of my friends got together at the local pub for green beer and the traditional St Patrick’s Day celebration. We all wore green or orange, and teased each other about which one of us wore which color. I wish I lived close enough to a place that holds a big St Patrick’s Day parade – I really like parades!

Fireworks and picnic

I don’t usually go anywhere for Independence Day celebrations. I don’t enjoy being in crowds – I am always suspicious that someone is going to try to steal my purse, or that I will run into someone who is “off their rocker” and will make for an unpleasant scene. But today my friends Todd and Marcia have invited me to come over to their place for a small picnic and family fireworks on the beach celebration, and I’ve decided to go ahead and join them. If it is a small gathering, I won’t have to deal with large crowds and traffic jams and lots of rude people I don’t know. I’m looking forward to it for a change!

Meeting new friends

My family lives in a fairly rural area, which I really like.  We are close enough to the city to go into the city for special occasion shopping trips and special occasion meals, but I would not want to live in such a congested area.  Living in such a rural area, however, can get kind of lonely, and we’ve found ourselves thinking about how to find new friends and single people to date.  (The single people to date part is for my sister.)

There is a website called prime dating sites dot com that compares and reviews a lot of the most popular matchmaking services.  They even review some matchmaking services that I had not heard of before. I guess those just don’t advertise as heavily on television. My sister and I have been taking a look at the site, and read the reviews on Perfect Match, Lavalife and Friend Finder along with the reviews on the more widely known sites such as and  I was hoping to find that one of the services would be a matching service for “just friends” for me, but it didn’t look like there were any of them listed on this site. But this is a good site for my sister!

Computer maintenance

One of the things that always amazes me about my friends and family’s computer practices is how they never seem to remember how to clean hard drive to keep their computer running smoothly and efficiently. Every few months I will get a phone call from someone telling me that they are having computer troubles and they ask me to come over and take a look at it. Sure enough, after I get there and do a disk clean-up, a defrag, and run the virus checks and fixes their troubles are over. It really is not very hard to do. Maybe I should start charging them a fee for my services!