Library cards

I love to read. When I was younger my teachers were so upset with me for reading so much that they used to send notes home to my parents complaining that I read too much  My parents used to buy me a lot of books from the school’s Scholastic Book Orders, but eventually our bookcases overflowed with books that were only read once. So they finally wised up and got me a library card to the public library. I love going to the library and picking out a couple of books that interest me, bringing them home to read, and then returning them to the library when I’m done. The library is right in town so it is not inconvenient for me to go there. Library cards are one of the best “freebie” bargains there are!

How to look like you spent a zillion dollars without really spending a lot

Shopping  for sale items (free clip art)
Shopping for sale items (free clip art)

I’m proud to admit that I’m a very frugal shopper. I come by it quite honestly, my parents are frugal, and they have taught me to watch every penny. They keep saying “If you mind your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves. Well, I’ve always thought that was a little bit extreme, but I do appreciate the fact that if I am a careful shopper that I can buy MORE things. And if I’m really careful and keep a close eye out, I can find great bargains and deals on great gift items and look like you were being more generous than you really were.

Valentines Day is a Day of Heartbreak for Many People

Valentines Day (free clip art)
Valentines Day (free clip art)

Valentine’s Day is a Day of Heartbreak for Many People. I often wish that Valentine’s Day was never invented, never celebrated. I can remember when I was in school some of the teachers required that every kid bring a valentine card for every other kid, and the class had a party, and that worked out well. But there were a lot of teachers that did not require that – they let the kids pick out who to give valentine cards to, and there were kids in the class that gave out valentines and did not get any in return. Or they gave out valentines cards to all of the classmates but only got one or two back. That is heartbreaking to a shy kid, who tries so hard to make friends, to have that happen to them. (Speaking from experience here!)

Then in the higher grade levels, the kids made a big deal in school about their romantic interest giving them a valentine’s day card and a gift. So many kids got nothing, and that hurts! During a time when kids egos are so fragile, they don’t need that kind of blow to their ego!

As adults, there are so many times that people have no romantic interest during Valentine’s Day, or they may be separated from their love for reasons beyond their control. So much pain, and sorrow. And then the couples and families that are struggling so hard financially that they can’t afford to buy a card, or a gift, or cook a special meal for their loved one! Valentine’s Day? Bah Humbug I say!

Cutting it close

Here it is only a few days left until Christmas and I’m still looking around for several items that just have been difficult to find in the local stores. I think that I have found the cool gibson pickguard bracket that I’ve spent a good amount of time looking for. I wish I didn’t have to order it online, but there just does not seem to be anywhere around here that has it! I’m confident that the order will arrive in time, but I hate cutting it this close. On the other hand sometimes it can be a good thing to be able to open a present several days after Christmas so you can stretch out the gift opening!

Charm bracelet effect

I finally found a Tissot watch that I think I would like to buy for my mother for her birthday gift. It looks a lot like a charm bracelet, and is two-toned, with the silver and gold colors that will make the watch versatile enough to wear with almost any outfit that she would like to wear. I’m going to ask my brother if he would like to split the cost with me, because it is a little more expensive than I was expecting, but I think he’ll agree to go in with me on the purchase.