Organic Mattress Stores Available

showroom santa monica
The Clean Bedroom

It would be too long of a drive to get all the way from Smalltown, Maine to Santa Monica, California to see the showroom of the organic mattress stores in LA. It’s comforting to know that more and more people and businesses are opening their eyes to the importance of going with as much organic products as possible. From our food that we eat to the furniture that we use on a daily basis.

The clean bed room website is a really great website to check out so I wanted to post this picture of their show room which only holds you thirteen different mattresses and nine different bed frames, but gives you an idea of what their products look like and that they sell more than just their organic mattresses. I’m impressed and wanted to share this website today in hopes that it might turn some one on to the organic movement that is growing by leaps and bounds all across the country. I just wish that this store was all across the country for me to check out personally, but thank goodness for the Internet coming to my rescue and allowing me to look not just all across the country, but all across the world, although I have never bought anything on the Internet from another country.

Yoga Mats

Since my kid sister has just started taking yoga classes at the local community center I figured I would try to get her something yoga related for Christmas this year. Last night I spend some time online before going to bed nice and early in anticipation of today’s family Thanksgiving dinner that is being held at my mother’s house this year. Every year we switch locations of where Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are going to be held. Next month this house will be crazy as it is our time to host the family Christmas at our place.

Anyway, back to the yoga situation. I managed to find, what I think, is the best selection of yoga mats and I have bookmarked the site so that I can run them by my oldest sister before making my selection and placing the order. I just want to make sure that I’m on the right track before spending any more of my time or my money on this. Thank goodness we still have another month yet  until the big day, but the clock is ticking and I would really like to be able to place a check mark beside another name on this years Christmas gift list.

Wrist Power

Since my eldest sister broker her wrist in an auto accident a few weeks ago she is finding out, the hard way, how limited you are without the aid of a strong and healthy wrist. To make it worse she lives alone, so I have been going over there just about every other day to help her out with whatever I can.
She tells me that her carpet is in desperate need of being cleaned, but I have no intention of tackling that task for her. Instead I am going to go online and Google “carpet cleaning holly springs nc” and find a good affordable carpet cleaning company to come in and do it as soon as possible and then move on to the next challenge.

Blood tests

With the evolution of healthcare, more people are finding themselves in the position of not being able to find doctors that are willing to take on new patients, or that will accept their form of insurance. And many patients are finding that even if they CAN get a primary care physician that oftentimes that their doctor is too busy to see them on short notice. It seems inevitable then, that specialty clinics will spring up around the country to serve the needs of patients. For example, patients can get quick appointments for blood tests in San Jose CA in four different Health Testing Center locations – all you have to do is call them and they set you up to come in and see a doctor and have the test done at the same location. We need more health centers like that, don’t you agree?


There has been a lot of fuss over the semantics of trying to get women’s health issues to be protected and advocated. There has been a lot of fury over the requirement of having employers that provide health insurance being forced to have that health insurance pay for birth control pills for women. Some churches have been up in arms about how that violates the Constitution. Thankfully President Obama has seen fit to change the semantics of the law to make the churches happy and still provide the birth control pills to the women if they need them. So much drama over semantics!