Smart people backup their files

Online Backup is a great convenience to have when you are concerned about making sure that all of your important files will be saved without having to buy more storage devices taking up space in your own home or office.  Sure, saving files to CDs and thumb drives is fine short-term, or when you want to copy a file from one computer to another, but smart people take a look at the bigger picture and back up a lot more than just a few files.  Modern computer applications and their files take up a lot more storage space than they did even five or ten years ago, it doesn’t take long to fill up a hard drive!  And let’s face it, the majority of people download their digital cameras to their hard drive and never bother to make any kind of back up copies.  Photos take a lot of space!

If your computer crashes, you run the risk of losing all of those precious photos that you took!  That’s why people who are concerned about protected their data against loss should consider using backup services.  They have backup for Macs, Windows, Linux, SQL Server backup, Exchange Server backup, and Oracle backup.  They provide online storage and online backup, and allow you to back up at scheduled times or at any time you choose.

Home Security Systems

I live in an area where there are frequent home break-ins. Largely because the homes are left vacant for so long, as many of them are vacation homes and are only occupied over the weekend or a few weeks during the summer. Home Security system sales are on the rise because of that situation. My neighbor just installed a Home Security system. She lives in the house year round, but she is elderly and lives alone, and has become frightened with the thought that someone might break into her house. I am glad that she has the system; it makes her feel so much less vulnerable, being able to arm her alarm system when she feels the need.

Backing up computer files

As files get progressively larger, storing backup files on a local hard drive takes up valuable storage space and before you know it your hard drive is full!  And if the hard drive crashes, you’ve lost not only your original files, but probably your back up files too. I’ve always backed up files on a separate medium, either a floppy (when floppies were the only thing out there!) then onto CDs and thumb drives, and then onto portable external hard drives. They work fine for my needs here at home, but if I were running a business I’d want to back up my files on a web based back up service.

My friend has been talking quite a bit with me lately about his company’s computers and Internet needs. I’m thinking about telling him that he has to put me on his payroll! He’s been asking me what type of backup procedure to use for his office’s Mac computers. I’ve given him several suggestions. I hope he takes my advice!

Personality profiles and employee enrichment

Many large corporations frequently hire outside vendors to assist them in doing specialized training programs/seminars for employee enrichment programs. One type of employee enrichment program revolves around learning more about your own personality, which then assists you in dealing with others, resolving conflicts, and developing your own goals. The employer has the employee answers questions prior to a seminar so that the employee can have the results before the seminar starts, and then the seminar helps the employees to understand how they can use the results to enrich their lives at home and at work. How do you feel about that?



When you get down to it there are so many uses around the house, garage and outside for all the various clamps that are available to us to put to good work. I am always looking for the perfect deal on the perfect clamp and have wasted a good amount of my time and money while doing that along the way. It is great that we have a Lowe’s and a Home Depot right next to each other in town. You can go back and forth from each store finding the best deals, which seems so old fashioned when so many people are doing that exact same thing online and saving a lot of time and energy along the way.

I found a great site that always carries the best brands, that someone was talking about on Face Book a few years back. I’ve gotten many clamps that I’ve always felt safe ordering and receiving online.

There will always be a need for the brick and mortar stores that we can walk, touch, smell, feel, shake, compare, weigh and all the other ways that we have been used to for most of our lives. I sometimes wonder what life would be like for like a 24 hour ban on using the Internet or for any other extended period of time, it boggles my mind.