Easter was a bust for me this year

Easter (free clip art)
Easter (free clip art)

I have caught a bad cold and stayed in bed over the weekend. I had planned on going to a family Easter dinner and celebration with my big extended family, but I just am feeling too lousy to even leave the house. I don’t want to expose any of my folks to this, so I’ll just stay home and feel sorry for myself.

I like glass doors

glass doors (free clip art)
glass doors (free clip art)
Whenever we go to a home improvement store, I like to go to the section where they display all of the different kinds of entry doors they sell. I like to imagine how each one would look on my fantasy home. Doors say a lot about the family that lives inside the house!

Up until recently, the importance of doors in a house was vastly under appreciated by me. I went to visit a friend recently whose house was not quite “finished.” They had no doors on the inside of the house yet. Not even a bathroom door. They had a curtain hung across the doorways of the rooms for visual privacy, but you could just forget any kind of conversation privacy! It really struck me how much I take doors in a house for granted!

I really like the glass doors in our house. We have glass storm doors on our house, and I like them because we can lock the glass door for security but open the main door to let in the light if we want to. Our pets appreciate that because then they can sit in front of the glass doors and look outside quite easily. Our dog always makes sure that she alerts us when she sees a squirrel, or cat, or deer, or fox crossing our lawn.

I really love the look of French Doors. Those are my very favorite kind of doors. We have French Doors going out to our deck in the back yard. I just think there is a feeling of luxury, or maybe romance, to have two doors open like that. I don’t know how to describe it, I just like it! Perhaps it triggers some kind of memory of a romantic Hollywood movie or romantic television show, I really don’t know.


Swing set or tree house?

When Marcus told me that he was looking to buy a new house in Virginia Beach for his growing family, one of the biggest concerns for him was a good, fenced in yard for the kids and dogs. He was hoping to be able to find a house with a great swing set or tree-house already installed. I was telling him that he should just focus on the house and yard, because it really won’t be hard to find a dealer for swing sets in virginia beach that would be more than happy to come out and install one for him. As for tree houses, well, they are fun, but I’m not sure that the insurance companies would appreciate having them, and they might actually increase their premiums. I’d stick with a swing set, if I were him.

Home Security Systems

I live in an area where there are frequent home break-ins. Largely because the homes are left vacant for so long, as many of them are vacation homes and are only occupied over the weekend or a few weeks during the summer. Home Security system sales are on the rise because of that situation. My neighbor just installed a Home Security system. She lives in the house year round, but she is elderly and lives alone, and has become frightened with the thought that someone might break into her house. I am glad that she has the system; it makes her feel so much less vulnerable, being able to arm her alarm system when she feels the need.

Taking care of loved ones

Apparently Don didn’t have any kind of mortgage protection or mortgage life insurance. If he did have that kind of insurance then their house would be paid off, but he didn’t have it so now his widow is going to be hard pressed to make the payments. She has been a stay home wife all of their married life, and doesn’t know if she’s going to be able to go back to work and earn enough money to pay the mortgage payments.

My mother said that this coming weekend she is going to check out our policies and see if we have enough coverage to keep this sort of problem from happening to us if either she or my father died.  If she doesn’t think she has enough, she’s going to get some quotes on some policies to fill the gaps. She said that buying insurance like that is very important to all of our family, and she needs the peace of mind it will bring her to make sure that all of those policies are adequate.