Sometimes you need a mailing address

As much as I love using the Internet, sometimes I find myself in the position of needing the physical or mailing address of a place. There have been several times recently when I’ve been going online to a business that is trying to sell me something, and when I try to find out where they are located, I come up with no information at all. That makes me very uncomfortable.

So, when I was thinking about recommending the musicians friend website to my friend Joe, I decided to go online and see if I could find the musicians friend address. I was glad to see that they have a mailing address, but to be honest, I would be more comfortable if the address was to a brick and mortar building, and not just a PO Box.

Cutting it close

Here it is only a few days left until Christmas and I’m still looking around for several items that just have been difficult to find in the local stores. I think that I have found the cool gibson pickguard bracket that I’ve spent a good amount of time looking for. I wish I didn’t have to order it online, but there just does not seem to be anywhere around here that has it! I’m confident that the order will arrive in time, but I hate cutting it this close. On the other hand sometimes it can be a good thing to be able to open a present several days after Christmas so you can stretch out the gift opening!

Online shopping with online coupons

coupons (free clip art)
coupons (free clip art)
My family is one of those families that likes to use coupons to save money. When we go out to eat, if a restaurant has some kind of loyal customer rewards program, we sign up and get our rewards! We use credit cards that have rewards programs, and we clip coupons from the Sunday paper. We scour the paper and the Internet for bargains when we need to buy something.

I like to shop online, using online coupons, discounts and promotions whenever possible. When I was growing up, my parents instilled in me a large amount of frugality. We are always looking for bargains everywhere we go. That is why I really like using different couponing websites – they are always offering great discounts, promotions and discounts with their participating merchants. 

My aunt in London

I have an aunt that moved to London five years ago.  She comes to visit us every summer for a couple of weeks on her annual holiday.  She plans to come see us this year right before Columbus Day, and I am really looking forward to seeing her again.  She taught me how to ride a horse using an English saddle!  When she comes to visit we always go riding at a local equestrian center where we can rent a couple of horses and go trail riding together.  She always brings us exquisite and unique gifts from the UK when she visits, too.  Her visits are one of the best highlights of my year!

Her birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and I have looked for some unique women’s gifts I can order over the Internet and have delivered to her.  I’ve looked at the beautiful jewelry and lingerie for women, but they also sell grooming products for men, baby products, and home products such as luxury towels.  They allow customers to create their own one of a kind gift boxes from their assortment of boutique products that they got from around the globe.

They have the prettiest little single service tea set that I’ve ever seen.  I’m going to order that for her.  I know she loves tea, and her favorite color is blue and she loves flowers.  This set I found is white with blue floral pattern on it, so it is PERFECT!  It comes with my choice of green, black, or herbal tea in silk pouches, and is a cup and saucer with a lidded teapot.  It also happens to be on sale now, which makes it even more wonderfully perfect!

Backing up computer files

As files get progressively larger, storing backup files on a local hard drive takes up valuable storage space and before you know it your hard drive is full!  And if the hard drive crashes, you’ve lost not only your original files, but probably your back up files too. I’ve always backed up files on a separate medium, either a floppy (when floppies were the only thing out there!) then onto CDs and thumb drives, and then onto portable external hard drives. They work fine for my needs here at home, but if I were running a business I’d want to back up my files on a web based back up service.

My friend has been talking quite a bit with me lately about his company’s computers and Internet needs. I’m thinking about telling him that he has to put me on his payroll! He’s been asking me what type of backup procedure to use for his office’s Mac computers. I’ve given him several suggestions. I hope he takes my advice!