Electric or Acoustic

I can remember when I was a pre-teen, I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I had taken piano lessons for many years, and I felt that made me a “nerd.” I was certain that if I learned how to play a guitar, I would instantly become one of the popular kids in school! Well, my parents did purchase an inexpensive acoustic guitar for me one year, as a gift. I don’t remember if it was for my birthday, or Christmas, but I will say that I took lessons for a few weeks, but could not take the pain involved in pressing my fingers down on the strings!

Anyone who can take that kind of punishment has my admiration, that is for sure! A few years ago, I gave my old, acoustic guitar to one of my friend’s kids. He did really well with the guitar, and I’ve heard that his parents are planning to buy a new electric guitar for him for Christmas! I haven’t heard him play at all yet, but I am hoping to go to their house sometimes soon and ask for a short performance! I am glad that my old guitar has proven to be a stepping-stone to bigger and better musical accomplishments.

Planning a costume party

Halloween costume party (free clip art)
Halloween costume party (free clip art)

Our family loves to throw costume parties for Halloween. They think it is a great way to protect the kids from potential harm from wackos during the Halloween season. My whole family gets into the act, and we throw the party for the whole neighborhood. We spend weeks looking at what Halloween Costumes we want to wear for the party.

This year my brother has decided that he wants to wear one of the Teen Halloween Costumes of Jack Sparrow that he found Online. My father bought one of the Halloween Costumes of Hellboy that he found. I found the cutest Tinker Bell Costume that I bought! This is going to be fun!

Valentines Day is a Day of Heartbreak for Many People

Valentines Day (free clip art)
Valentines Day (free clip art)

Valentine’s Day is a Day of Heartbreak for Many People. I often wish that Valentine’s Day was never invented, never celebrated. I can remember when I was in school some of the teachers required that every kid bring a valentine card for every other kid, and the class had a party, and that worked out well. But there were a lot of teachers that did not require that – they let the kids pick out who to give valentine cards to, and there were kids in the class that gave out valentines and did not get any in return. Or they gave out valentines cards to all of the classmates but only got one or two back. That is heartbreaking to a shy kid, who tries so hard to make friends, to have that happen to them. (Speaking from experience here!)

Then in the higher grade levels, the kids made a big deal in school about their romantic interest giving them a valentine’s day card and a gift. So many kids got nothing, and that hurts! During a time when kids egos are so fragile, they don’t need that kind of blow to their ego!

As adults, there are so many times that people have no romantic interest during Valentine’s Day, or they may be separated from their love for reasons beyond their control. So much pain, and sorrow. And then the couples and families that are struggling so hard financially that they can’t afford to buy a card, or a gift, or cook a special meal for their loved one! Valentine’s Day? Bah Humbug I say!

Swing set or tree house?

When Marcus told me that he was looking to buy a new house in Virginia Beach for his growing family, one of the biggest concerns for him was a good, fenced in yard for the kids and dogs. He was hoping to be able to find a house with a great swing set or tree-house already installed. I was telling him that he should just focus on the house and yard, because it really won’t be hard to find a dealer for swing sets in virginia beach that would be more than happy to come out and install one for him. As for tree houses, well, they are fun, but I’m not sure that the insurance companies would appreciate having them, and they might actually increase their premiums. I’d stick with a swing set, if I were him.