The extreme stupidity of people just bothers me so much!

I was reading an article on msnbc’s website about a woman who planted a dead laboratory rat in her meal at an upscale restaurant in Grand Chute MI and then claimed that it came in her meal. She demanded that the restaurant pay her $500,000 to “keep quiet.” She said if she wasn’t paid, she would alert the media.

Well, this woman was pretty stupid because the rat she planted in her food was a white rat. And it had been microwaved. A SMART person would know that if you were to “find” a rat in a restaurant meal it would be the “found in the wild” color of rats – a brownish gray/black. And the restaurant doesn’t cook with microwaves, so it was obviously dead when it was added to the plate.

So, the woman has been arrested and charged with extortion, disorderly conduct, and resisting an officer. What a LOSER!

Microwave popcorn

It was over a year ago I think that the news stories were talking about how the butter flavored microwave popcorn can give you lung cancer. I was just remembering the story because I’m a little bit hungry and was thinking about popping a bag of microwave popcorn! I thought I’d research it a little bit first, and it seems that the whole scare is because the factory workers were having respiratory problems due to constant exposure to high levels of a chemical found in that type of popcorn. To the best of my knowledge there is no evidence of harm from popping a bag at home once a month or so, although I did find one article that said a man suffered lung damage from popping microwave popcorn several times a day for several years.

They changed their decision

Wow, I have been hearing that the Komen Foundation has changed their decision regarding their funding to Planned Parenthood. I found that interesting because when the uproar started I thought I heard on the news that someone high up in the foundation had been quoted as saying that they would not cave into political pressure. And yet I also had been hearing that the reason that they had withdrawn the funds was due to political pressure. Whatever their reasons, I’m glad that they changed their minds and will be supporting Planned Parenthood.

It was arson

Last night I went to a Ruritan meeting and the guest speaker was the chief of the local fire department. We enjoyed a nice meal of ham, sweet potatoes, green tossed salad, baked beans, wheat rolls and for dessert apple pie with a scoop of ice cream. During the fire chief’s presentation he was talking about how that church that burnt down a few months ago was determined to be arson. The neighbor next door to the church had said that he had heard an explosion and when he looked out of his window the church was fully engulfed in flames.

No one has been arrested for the church burning, and there is speculation about whether it was burnt down for the insurance. At least no one was inside the church when it happened, and none of the fire fighters were injured fighting the fire.

The church burned down

My folks and I were driving down The Springs Road and saw the remains of the church that burned down a couple of days ago. Rumor has it that arson is suspected. The church had been for sale for a number of months and then one night it burned down. We did not hear if there were any casualties or not. Regardless, I can’t help but wonder about the story behind that. I never knew much about that church; never knew why it was listed for sale. I often wondered if the congregation had acquired a different building and why. Was it being occupied by homeless people that were using some kind of open flame to heat the place and it got out of control? Or was it set deliberately, in order to collect on an insurance policy, or just because an arsonist likes to set fires and watch places burn down.

Whatever the reason, I find it sad that any church would be burned down. I hope no one was injured.