Smart people backup their files

Online Backup is a great convenience to have when you are concerned about making sure that all of your important files will be saved without having to buy more storage devices taking up space in your own home or office.  Sure, saving files to CDs and thumb drives is fine short-term, or when you want to copy a file from one computer to another, but smart people take a look at the bigger picture and back up a lot more than just a few files.  Modern computer applications and their files take up a lot more storage space than they did even five or ten years ago, it doesn’t take long to fill up a hard drive!  And let’s face it, the majority of people download their digital cameras to their hard drive and never bother to make any kind of back up copies.  Photos take a lot of space!

If your computer crashes, you run the risk of losing all of those precious photos that you took!  That’s why people who are concerned about protected their data against loss should consider using backup services.  They have backup for Macs, Windows, Linux, SQL Server backup, Exchange Server backup, and Oracle backup.  They provide online storage and online backup, and allow you to back up at scheduled times or at any time you choose.

Free video conferencing

As I was explaining in my previous post, my father received a work assignment from his boss to research, design, and implement video conferencing between his company’s offices throughout the region.  My father and I went and bought some web cams to bring home and test out some of the conferencing options that he hopes to try out.  On our way home we stopped at my uncle’s house and dropped off one of the web cams, after hooking it up on his computer.  My dad said that was so we could test the conferencing services between our houses.

My dad says that he found a video conferencing service that is offering a free video conferencing beta test download.  He wants to try this out because he heard that it is a revolutionary new kind of video conferencing that enables the participants to applications, web browser, desktop, and more while the voice and video conference take place.  He said that not every participant has to download the  service, which makes it very convenient.  He said that one of the things that excited him about this service was that it supports Windows 2000, XP, AND Vista and that anyone can join the conference from anywhere as long as they have high speed broadband internet access, a supported webcam, one of the Windows applications just mentioned and a browser.  So you are not “chained” to having the conference at a particular office, the conferences can also take place at home with telecommuters.  Sounds really easy!


My aunt was telling me about the progress of her worker’s compensation case, and was complaining that her attorney has avoided talking to her for over a year. She has called his office many times asking for a telephone appointment because his office is over an hour’s drive from home, and the office keeps denying her the appointment. Well suddenly, out of the blue the attorney’s office has called HER asking for an appointment to come see the attorney. My aunt again requested a telephone appointment because of the hardship the drive would cause.

Wouldn’t you know it, now that the attorney WANTS to talk with HER, he will accept a telephone appointment! I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that she changed her $100 month payment on her bill to only $1 a month payment. What do you think?

Cancelled appointment

I don’t know what it is with this new doctor I’ve been trying to go see.  I’ve made three different appointments to go see her, and every time the day of the appointment I get a call from her office telling me that I have to reschedule because of one kind of emergency or another.  I’ve been trying for five months to get in to see her!  I was supposed to go see her this morning and just got a phone call cancelling the appointment and I had to reschedule.  This is very aggravating!