Planning a costume party

Halloween costume party (free clip art)
Halloween costume party (free clip art)

Our family loves to throw costume parties for Halloween. They think it is a great way to protect the kids from potential harm from wackos during the Halloween season. My whole family gets into the act, and we throw the party for the whole neighborhood. We spend weeks looking at what Halloween Costumes we want to wear for the party.

This year my brother has decided that he wants to wear one of the Teen Halloween Costumes of Jack Sparrow that he found Online. My father bought one of the Halloween Costumes of Hellboy that he found. I found the cutest Tinker Bell Costume that I bought! This is going to be fun!

I think I want to try some Beats

When I got my new iPhone, I pretty much decided that I would ignore the earphones that came with it. I have never had good luck with those little “buds” that are supposed to fit inside your ear. They keep falling out of my ear, and they are uncomfortable, too! So I am thinking about getting some over-the-head beats to use instead. I know that they are not as discreet, but I’m more concerned with comfort than style. The thing is that I think I would like to try them out before buying them, so I’m reluctant to simply order them online. They seem to be a bit on the pricey side! I wonder where I can go locally to try them on before ordering them.

You’d better shop around

shopping (free clip art)
shopping (free clip art)
A couple of days ago I noticed that I was starting to run low on the cyan ink color on my printer, so I made a mental note to go to Staples the next time I went into town, to buy a box of cyan only ink. So yesterday I was running errands in town, and went into Staples. I was quite annoyed to find that Staples no longer sells the individual boxes of the colors of ink – they only sell it in a multi-pack of all of the three colors. I had a choice of the regular or extra long (as in how many copies you can make.) I was shocked at the price at the time, since the printer I bought was purchased because the ink was supposed to be very cheap! And I am always interested in stretching my money as far as I can stretch it!

Well, I knew that no place else in town sold that ink anymore, so there was no point in holding out for the lowest price somewhere else in town. I went ahead and purchased the multi-pack for over $80! When I got home, before I opened the box to install the cartridge, I decided to do a little bit of comparison shopping online. I was quite annoyed to discover that I could purchase the exact same thing for less than $50 on Amazon! That included the shipping! So I went ahead and ordered the ink online, and today I returned the printer ink to Staples for a refund. Note to self: stop buying my ink at Staples, remember to buy a spare cartridge and keep it at hand, and always, always, shop around!

Online shopping with online coupons

coupons (free clip art)
coupons (free clip art)
My family is one of those families that likes to use coupons to save money. When we go out to eat, if a restaurant has some kind of loyal customer rewards program, we sign up and get our rewards! We use credit cards that have rewards programs, and we clip coupons from the Sunday paper. We scour the paper and the Internet for bargains when we need to buy something.

I like to shop online, using online coupons, discounts and promotions whenever possible. When I was growing up, my parents instilled in me a large amount of frugality. We are always looking for bargains everywhere we go. That is why I really like using different couponing websites – they are always offering great discounts, promotions and discounts with their participating merchants. 

Smart people backup their files

Online Backup is a great convenience to have when you are concerned about making sure that all of your important files will be saved without having to buy more storage devices taking up space in your own home or office.  Sure, saving files to CDs and thumb drives is fine short-term, or when you want to copy a file from one computer to another, but smart people take a look at the bigger picture and back up a lot more than just a few files.  Modern computer applications and their files take up a lot more storage space than they did even five or ten years ago, it doesn’t take long to fill up a hard drive!  And let’s face it, the majority of people download their digital cameras to their hard drive and never bother to make any kind of back up copies.  Photos take a lot of space!

If your computer crashes, you run the risk of losing all of those precious photos that you took!  That’s why people who are concerned about protected their data against loss should consider using backup services.  They have backup for Macs, Windows, Linux, SQL Server backup, Exchange Server backup, and Oracle backup.  They provide online storage and online backup, and allow you to back up at scheduled times or at any time you choose.