Searching For Replacement Bunn Parts Online

We really have turned into a disposable minded society. You can tell that my parents are from a totally different mind set then my generation by the way they aren’t so quick to just toss things in the trash can. My folks were both very young during the Depression, but have vivid memories of how hard it was to try and just survive from day to day. It was considered to be almost a sin to throw something away back then, if you couldn’t fix it or use it there certainly were a lot of other people that could benefit from it. Hence the problem I am facing with trying to find the replacement bunn parts for their coffee machine online.

They are both big coffee fans and are now relying on an old coffee machine that they had hoarded away in the basement years ago, instead of throwing it away, in case they needed it again. Sure enough they did. I have offered to buy them a brand new Krups brewing machine that are all the rage these days. I love mine and they price has come down a bit since I got mine, so it wouldn’t break the bank or my wallet to go out and buy them one, but they are both insisting that it isn’t necessary and they would be just as happy to fix their old machine with the new part(s) that it needs and just move on.

Organic Mattress Stores Available

showroom santa monica
The Clean Bedroom

It would be too long of a drive to get all the way from Smalltown, Maine to Santa Monica, California to see the showroom of the organic mattress stores in LA. It’s comforting to know that more and more people and businesses are opening their eyes to the importance of going with as much organic products as possible. From our food that we eat to the furniture that we use on a daily basis.

The clean bed room website is a really great website to check out so I wanted to post this picture of their show room which only holds you thirteen different mattresses and nine different bed frames, but gives you an idea of what their products look like and that they sell more than just their organic mattresses. I’m impressed and wanted to share this website today in hopes that it might turn some one on to the organic movement that is growing by leaps and bounds all across the country. I just wish that this store was all across the country for me to check out personally, but thank goodness for the Internet coming to my rescue and allowing me to look not just all across the country, but all across the world, although I have never bought anything on the Internet from another country.

Stocking up on File Folders

Went to Home Depot to check out for myself whether they take dead batteries and burned out light bulbs for recycling and that store happens to be next to a big Staples store that sells office supplies. Since I need a box of file folders to start-up my home bookkeeping for 2013 receipts and household records, I went into Staples.

These kinds of stores are called “Big Box Retailers” and are often the two or three biggest stores in a shopping center. I like the convenience of the neighborhood shopping centers like this, where I only have to park once and can easily walk to the couple of stores I need without having to get back in my car and drive somewhere else.

However, truth be told, I went to this shopping center because of Home Depot and I knew that I needed some office supplies, so I went into Staples to shop for them based on convenience. If I was just going to drive into town for office supplies without needing anything from Home Depot, I would not go to Staples as my first choice. There is an Office Max in the shopping center next to Target and I usually go to Office Max for office supplies.

One reason is that I go to Target a lot more often than I go to any other store except the grocery store. Another reason is that I like the way the Office Max store is laid out, I know where everything is and can easily go in, find what I want quickly, and get out of there without having to waste time wandering around the store looking for things.

Recycling is Expensive

When I wrote about the batteries in my digital camera getting used up so quickly and how frustrating it is to need to replace the batteries so often, I had mentioned not knowing anywhere for recycling to properly dispose of used rechargeable batteries and other household batteries. I have heard and read about the need to dispose of batteries separately from regular trash, but I don’t know what to do with them. It’s not like I can set aside a dead battery collection bin in the kitchen and let them all just pile up for months at a time. I need a method to be rid of them every week or two. Not that I use batteries up every week. I’m just not happy about having dead batteries laying around for months. I think a week or two is plenty of time to be looking at dead batteries that need to be gone.

Someone commented that they heard Home Depot has a recycling area at every store where you can bring dead batteries and also burned out light bulbs – you know, the ones that are supposed to last almost forever and contain mercury? Well, news flash – they do not last any longer than the other light bulbs in my experience and you are not supposed to toss them in the regular trash, either. So I went to the Home Depot web site and searched for information about recycling. It didn’t come up with any results for disposing of items at their store, but it did show a list of very expensive recycling products, such as bins and can lids. I had no idea how expensive those trash cans can be! Why does it cost so much to recycle?

Digital cameras eat batteries

My digital camera eats batteries like a hot knife goes through butter. Whenever I go someplace where I think I might want to take better photographs than my cell phone will take I bring my digital camera, but I also bring a lot of replacement batteries. I cannot say for sure whether the Duracell batteries or the Energizer batteries last longer in the camera – they just all go so darn fast! I’ve been told that lithium batteries will last longer, but they are so very expensive to buy! Making the decision to buy them might be easier to make if I knew exactly HOW much longer they would last!

And don’t even get me started on those rechargeable batteries! They are only good for a few photographs and then they need to be recharged. To be perfectly honest I cannot understand why people say that rechargeable batteries are better for the environment – I know that in theory the battery itself is not going into the landfill (for a while anyway until they won’t recharge any more) but doesn’t the electricity used to recharge them generate a carbon footprint of its own that negates the benefit of keeping the batteries out of the landfill longer? People tell me that we should not throw any dead batteries in the trash, but I don’t know where there is any place that we can take dead batteries to properly dispose of them.