Library cards

I love to read. When I was younger my teachers were so upset with me for reading so much that they used to send notes home to my parents complaining that I read too much  My parents used to buy me a lot of books from the school’s Scholastic Book Orders, but eventually our bookcases overflowed with books that were only read once. So they finally wised up and got me a library card to the public library. I love going to the library and picking out a couple of books that interest me, bringing them home to read, and then returning them to the library when I’m done. The library is right in town so it is not inconvenient for me to go there. Library cards are one of the best “freebie” bargains there are!


One of the things that annoys me a lot about today’s public education system is that when kids sign up to take band, they usually have to rent or purchase instruments. I can understand that the school does not want to lend the instruments out, damage control and all of that, but I think that if the schools simply required a refundable security deposit, more kids would sign up for band. Renting or purchasing instruments for band class can be a huge expense!

I’ve been thinking about checking out several Keyboard Packages and co-ordinating with my local high-school my purchasing a keyboard and donating it to the school with the understanding that they would use it to LEND to students to help them with band class. I know that band teachers encourage all of the students to buy a keyboard to help them learn to read music, and play at home, but I think that it is totally unrealistic for them to expect all of the students to be able to afford to do that.

Bulletproof and stylin’

I was reading that a Colombian designer, Miguel Caballero has started selling stylish bulletproof clothing. The article featured a photograph of a stylish looking raincoat. He got the idea to design stylish bulletproof clothing when he was in college and noticed that a lot of his fellow students were wearing bulletproof vests to school. These students were members of high-profiles families and were afraid for their safety, so they were wearing them to school. I think that’s really sad!

But anyway, Miguel Caballero is selling his stylish clothing, which includes polo shirts, raincoats, suede jackets and blazers in sixteen different countries. Sounds like he has a winner of a business!

A treasured momento

When Joe was getting ready to leave for college, he asked me if I would like to keep his blues band harmonica at my house. He said I’d be doing him a favor by “keeping it safe” while he was away. I think that he felt that by letting me “keep it safe” for him that having the momento of him, and the memories of all of the songs he’s played for me on it, that I would feel closer to him in some way. Of course I said that I would love to “keep it safe” for him. I think that would actually make HIM feel better about making ME feel better. But I suspect that every time I look at it I will feel the loneliness in my heart and feel the sorrow of his leaving. I will “keep it safe” for him, but I won’t keep it on my dresser, where I will see it every day. No, I think I’ll tuck it into my sock drawer, out of sight. It will be safe there, and I will not be saddened every day by looking at it.

I hate “Back to School” season. Too many people I care about go back to school too many miles away, and I miss them when they are gone.

The dog days of summer

Here it is, the end of July. Many people are already planning their fall schedules – for some people their schools start in only a week or two. Sometimes I wish that I was an employee of the school system so I could take the summer off for vacation – those were the carefree days of my youth, and I miss being able to do whatever I wanted as much as I wanted for weeks on end. Why was I ever so anxious to grow up? Whoever said that youth is wasted on the young sure knew what he was talking about!

So, as I was saying, here it is, the end of July. This is the hottest part of the year around here, and I do not like to spend a lot of time outdoors when it is this hot. Anything over eighty degrees is too hot for my liking! These are the days when many people are wishing that it was winter again – those same people were wishing it was summer when it WAS winter. Some people are never happy, you know that? As for me, when it hits the end of July, I start to think that the summer is going by too darn fast. I haven’t been able to go do all of the fun things that I used to love to do when I was younger. These thoughts sadden me, and I start to have nightmares about going to school and not knowing what my schedule is, or where my classes are. I shouldn’t be having dreams like that; I’ve been out of school for several years now! I wonder what these dreams mean. Maybe they are telling me that I should go back to school and learn more stuff….