Online shopping with online coupons

coupons (free clip art)
coupons (free clip art)
My family is one of those families that likes to use coupons to save money. When we go out to eat, if a restaurant has some kind of loyal customer rewards program, we sign up and get our rewards! We use credit cards that have rewards programs, and we clip coupons from the Sunday paper. We scour the paper and the Internet for bargains when we need to buy something.

I like to shop online, using online coupons, discounts and promotions whenever possible. When I was growing up, my parents instilled in me a large amount of frugality. We are always looking for bargains everywhere we go. That is why I really like using different couponing websites – they are always offering great discounts, promotions and discounts with their participating merchants. 

Collecting costumes is one of my hobbies

Costumes have always been a part of our family entertainment. Ever since we were kids we would dress up on costumes and hold “variety shows” for our parents, aunts and uncles. When we got older we used teen costumes for our shows. Well, we’ve outgrown our shows, but we all still love costumes, and we enjoy collecting them. We like to hold costume parties several times a year, just so we can show off our latest “find.” There simply aren’t any year-round costume stores in this area, so we shop for most of our costumes online.

Do business locally

Did you know that a lot of big businesses only contribute to charities that are in their own home town? I was trying to do a charity fundraiser a few months ago, asking for goods to auction off and going from store to store in the local strip mall, going to the “Big name stores” and asking for donations of merchandise or gift cards and they said it was “against corporate policy” and that their stores only contributed to charities in their corporate headquarters home town that was in another state? Yet the small mom and pop locally owned businesses ALL donated gift cards or new merchandise to the charity event.

Doing business locally is becoming more important in today’s economy. Doing business locally saves gasoline, too, which is good for the environment!

Local reviews of local businesses can often be found on the Internet to help the consumer locate a local business and find out whether or not the business is a reputable one. 

Deals on printer ink

When I first bought my Lexmark all-in-one printer/scanner/fax/copier I did not realize how quickly I would be running out of ink. It seems that every week I have to buy more ink! I like to make sure that I have a “spare” cartridge in my desk so if I run out of ink I can put the spare on in the printer and then just pick up an extra cartridge the next time I shop. Well, it seems to me that when I go to the store to buy replacement ink that I am spending a fortune. So I’ve decided to search for deals online.

Subway never seems to get it right

Today I was out during lunchtime and I saw a Subway sandwich shop near where I was. I had seen the commercials that during the entire month that their foot long subs were only five dollars, so I decided to give it another try. Seems as if every time that I go into a Subway sandwich shop lately they get the order wrong. I really don’t understand why that is so, but I know that it is.

So I ordered a foot long sweet onion chicken teriaki sandwich. I asked them to cut it in half so I could save half of it for later, and I left with the sandwich. I took it home and unwrapped it. They had neglected to put the dressing on the sandwich. So it was a very boring sandwich. And to top it off when I was looking at the receipt I saw that even though it was supposed to be a $5 sandwich that they charged me $6.25 for it. Not impressed. Not at all. I saw at the bottom of the receipt that I have been invited to participate in a customer satisfaction survey. What do you suppose I’ll be telling them?