How to look like you spent a zillion dollars without really spending a lot

Shopping  for sale items (free clip art)
Shopping for sale items (free clip art)

I’m proud to admit that I’m a very frugal shopper. I come by it quite honestly, my parents are frugal, and they have taught me to watch every penny. They keep saying “If you mind your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves. Well, I’ve always thought that was a little bit extreme, but I do appreciate the fact that if I am a careful shopper that I can buy MORE things. And if I’m really careful and keep a close eye out, I can find great bargains and deals on great gift items and look like you were being more generous than you really were.

Cutting it close

Here it is only a few days left until Christmas and I’m still looking around for several items that just have been difficult to find in the local stores. I think that I have found the cool gibson pickguard bracket that I’ve spent a good amount of time looking for. I wish I didn’t have to order it online, but there just does not seem to be anywhere around here that has it! I’m confident that the order will arrive in time, but I hate cutting it this close. On the other hand sometimes it can be a good thing to be able to open a present several days after Christmas so you can stretch out the gift opening!

Custom printed stuff is cool

My mother collects magnets on her refrigerator door. No, I take that back, they have outgrown the refrigerator and have spread to the oven, the dishwasher; any and all metal surfaces in the kitchen are covered with magnets. Many of the magnets are customized advertising magnets that companies give away as little freebie promotional gifts to drum up business. Some of them are really quite cool looking! My dad’s business ordered some custom magnets for their company a few months ago. When my dad was looking at their website to place an order I was looking over his shoulder and saw that it is a great website to shop at if you want to order customized things for your own business. My dad ordered their free samples before ordering from them, which I thought was pretty smart of him to do.

You’d better shop around

shopping (free clip art)
shopping (free clip art)
A couple of days ago I noticed that I was starting to run low on the cyan ink color on my printer, so I made a mental note to go to Staples the next time I went into town, to buy a box of cyan only ink. So yesterday I was running errands in town, and went into Staples. I was quite annoyed to find that Staples no longer sells the individual boxes of the colors of ink – they only sell it in a multi-pack of all of the three colors. I had a choice of the regular or extra long (as in how many copies you can make.) I was shocked at the price at the time, since the printer I bought was purchased because the ink was supposed to be very cheap! And I am always interested in stretching my money as far as I can stretch it!

Well, I knew that no place else in town sold that ink anymore, so there was no point in holding out for the lowest price somewhere else in town. I went ahead and purchased the multi-pack for over $80! When I got home, before I opened the box to install the cartridge, I decided to do a little bit of comparison shopping online. I was quite annoyed to discover that I could purchase the exact same thing for less than $50 on Amazon! That included the shipping! So I went ahead and ordered the ink online, and today I returned the printer ink to Staples for a refund. Note to self: stop buying my ink at Staples, remember to buy a spare cartridge and keep it at hand, and always, always, shop around!

Looking at new shoes

shoes (free clip art)
shoes (free clip art)
Chuck told me that he wanted to swing by the mall on the way to the restaurant tonight to check-out a new amp that he is thinking about buying. He is interested in the crown xls but he heard that he might be able to get a discount on it if he waited long enough. Something about the year-end sale for the old models, making room for new models to come into the store. I really wasn’t paying close attention to what he was saying because I was thinking that while he is at the music store I might go to my favorite shoe store and pick out a new pair of shoes. I don’t mind going to the mall at all!