When you get down to it there are so many uses around the house, garage and outside for all the various clamps that are available to us to put to good work. I am always looking for the perfect deal on the perfect clamp and have wasted a good amount of my time and money while doing that along the way. It is great that we have a Lowe’s and a Home Depot right next to each other in town. You can go back and forth from each store finding the best deals, which seems so old fashioned when so many people are doing that exact same thing online and saving a lot of time and energy along the way.

I found a great site that always carries the best brands, that someone was talking about on Face Book a few years back. I’ve gotten many clamps that I’ve always felt safe ordering and receiving online.

There will always be a need for the brick and mortar stores that we can walk, touch, smell, feel, shake, compare, weigh and all the other ways that we have been used to for most of our lives. I sometimes wonder what life would be like for like a 24 hour ban on using the Internet or for any other extended period of time, it boggles my mind.

Random Scraps Of Paper

Paperwork and I do not get along. Any time I can get away from having any more paperwork that is necessary I jump on. I can’t remember the last time I actually have taken the cash register receipt from any of the fast food places that I rely on way too much these past couple of years. Seriously, if they try to hand me that piece of paper I politely refuse and let them deal with it. One less piece of paper that I have to find the right place to keep it and possibly might need to find in the future, especially right after I have decided to go ahead and toss the paper in question

I do have a habit of writing random thoughts and ideas down on various pieces of paper that I dig out and pick up when I really want to research and possibly write about here on my blog. So I am constantly running across my scribblings, sometimes wondering just what the heck I was thinking!

I remember when I first started this blog, I really didn’t know what to type about and it was a struggle at times. I counted on random ideas scribbled on paper and stuck in my coat pocket so I had something to write about. Now I just don’t want to sound like an idiot, and thank goodness for spell check, or else I don’t know what I would have done all these years as I’ve learned my way around the Blog-o-sphere. Talk about sounding like in idiot.

Following Nicholas Cage’s Acting Career

Nicholas Cage is one of the actors I have followed his entire career and like almost every movie he has been in. Some of my all-time favorite movies have included Cage in the cast, such as “Raising Arizona” and “The Rock.” His movie career actually goes back to 1982 when he played Nicholas Coppola in “Fast Times at Ridgememont High.” However, he broke into acting with a role in 1981 on “Best of Times,” a short lived teenage version of “Laugh In.

“It was good to see him the other night on Letterman. He seemed to be very relaxed and talkative, and he has several works in production, and shared some funny stories with the recent release of his new movie, “Stolen” with Will Montgomery. I found the Official Trailer #1 of Stolen on It’s less than two minutes long, but full of action the whole time.

I’m going to make a point of seeing that on our big screen that we got for Christmas that is looking and working real well in the living room – from watching a few clips, it has some rocking action scenes. I can’t really think of any movie that I have seen Nicholas Cage in and hope that he continues on with his acting career that has been going strong for a good long while now.



Searching For Replacement Bunn Parts Online

We really have turned into a disposable minded society. You can tell that my parents are from a totally different mind set then my generation by the way they aren’t so quick to just toss things in the trash can. My folks were both very young during the Depression, but have vivid memories of how hard it was to try and just survive from day to day. It was considered to be almost a sin to throw something away back then, if you couldn’t fix it or use it there certainly were a lot of other people that could benefit from it. Hence the problem I am facing with trying to find the replacement bunn parts for their coffee machine online.

They are both big coffee fans and are now relying on an old coffee machine that they had hoarded away in the basement years ago, instead of throwing it away, in case they needed it again. Sure enough they did. I have offered to buy them a brand new Krups brewing machine that are all the rage these days. I love mine and they price has come down a bit since I got mine, so it wouldn’t break the bank or my wallet to go out and buy them one, but they are both insisting that it isn’t necessary and they would be just as happy to fix their old machine with the new part(s) that it needs and just move on.

Organic Mattress Stores Available

showroom santa monica
The Clean Bedroom

It would be too long of a drive to get all the way from Smalltown, Maine to Santa Monica, California to see the showroom of the organic mattress stores in LA. It’s comforting to know that more and more people and businesses are opening their eyes to the importance of going with as much organic products as possible. From our food that we eat to the furniture that we use on a daily basis.

The clean bed room website is a really great website to check out so I wanted to post this picture of their show room which only holds you thirteen different mattresses and nine different bed frames, but gives you an idea of what their products look like and that they sell more than just their organic mattresses. I’m impressed and wanted to share this website today in hopes that it might turn some one on to the organic movement that is growing by leaps and bounds all across the country. I just wish that this store was all across the country for me to check out personally, but thank goodness for the Internet coming to my rescue and allowing me to look not just all across the country, but all across the world, although I have never bought anything on the Internet from another country.