I like glass doors

glass doors (free clip art)
glass doors (free clip art)
Whenever we go to a home improvement store, I like to go to the section where they display all of the different kinds of entry doors they sell. I like to imagine how each one would look on my fantasy home. Doors say a lot about the family that lives inside the house!

Up until recently, the importance of doors in a house was vastly under appreciated by me. I went to visit a friend recently whose house was not quite “finished.” They had no doors on the inside of the house yet. Not even a bathroom door. They had a curtain hung across the doorways of the rooms for visual privacy, but you could just forget any kind of conversation privacy! It really struck me how much I take doors in a house for granted!

I really like the glass doors in our house. We have glass storm doors on our house, and I like them because we can lock the glass door for security but open the main door to let in the light if we want to. Our pets appreciate that because then they can sit in front of the glass doors and look outside quite easily. Our dog always makes sure that she alerts us when she sees a squirrel, or cat, or deer, or fox crossing our lawn.

I really love the look of French Doors. Those are my very favorite kind of doors. We have French Doors going out to our deck in the back yard. I just think there is a feeling of luxury, or maybe romance, to have two doors open like that. I don’t know how to describe it, I just like it! Perhaps it triggers some kind of memory of a romantic Hollywood movie or romantic television show, I really don’t know.


Meeting friends through blogging

I was at a neighborhood block party last weekend and met some new people that I had not met before. I always go to the town-wide neighborhood street parties with ambiguity – I don’t want to be rubbing elbows with the creep that we suspect is a child molester that is always leering at the young girls, or the guy that we suspect is the serial arsonist that’s never been caught. However, I like going to the street parties to hobnob with the few that show up that are my age and share my interests and see what’s going on in their lives that might be of interest. Maybe they’ve found something fun to do that I could try out. Goodness knows in this neck of the woods good clean fun is hard to find!  

So it was with quite a bit of surprise that I met a woman about my age who shares the same musical interests that I have, likes the same kinds of movies, television shows and books that I do, and shares my love of animals. So we spent quite a bit of time socializing and she told me to check out her blog when I got home and had a chance to check it out. I did, and I was glad that I did because now I feel like I’ve gotten to know her a little better.  I hope we can keep in touch!

Following Nicholas Cage’s Acting Career

Nicholas Cage is one of the actors I have followed his entire career and like almost every movie he has been in. Some of my all-time favorite movies have included Cage in the cast, such as “Raising Arizona” and “The Rock.” His movie career actually goes back to 1982 when he played Nicholas Coppola in “Fast Times at Ridgememont High.” However, he broke into acting with a role in 1981 on “Best of Times,” a short lived teenage version of “Laugh In.

“It was good to see him the other night on Letterman. He seemed to be very relaxed and talkative, and he has several works in production, and shared some funny stories with the recent release of his new movie, “Stolen” with Will Montgomery. I found the Official Trailer #1 of Stolen on YouTube.com. It’s less than two minutes long, but full of action the whole time.

I’m going to make a point of seeing that on our big screen that we got for Christmas that is looking and working real well in the living room – from watching a few clips, it has some rocking action scenes. I can’t really think of any movie that I have seen Nicholas Cage in and hope that he continues on with his acting career that has been going strong for a good long while now.



Thieves like electronics

While I was waiting in line at the Post Office to buy a couple of books of forever stamps, I saw Justin come in. He didn’t see me at first, until I waved at him, and then he smiled and came over to say hello and chat for a moment. He was telling me that last weekend someone broke into his apartment and stole a lot of his stuff – his laptop, his television, and even his Eden Amplifiers that he had just bought and had not even had the chance to use yet! He was really upset over the whole thing. I can’t say as I blame him one bit – if someone broke into my place and went through my things and stole a bunch of expensive stuff I’d be really upset too! I hope that the police catch the thief!

Cushions and pillows

Some of my favorite television shows are on the Home and Garden Television. They are shows about decorating, redecorating, remodeling, and renovating. I’m always jealous of the people on the television show that get to have their homes decorated by a professional decorator. One of the things that has frequently baffled me is the answer to this question – where do the people put all of the cushions and pillows that the decorator has put on the beds for the special finishing touch when they are ready to climb into bed? In my opinion there should always be a blanket chest or foot locker or SOMETHING near the bed for the people to be able to toss the extra pillows in so they don’t get just tossed on the floor where the pets can tear them up!