The song “No” by Megan Trainor

I think this YouTube video about the song “No” by Megan Trainor is so funny – it is about a woman who is being approached by a guy who is asking her for her name, zodiac sign, and her
phone number and she is replying by simply telling him “no.” I think that it sends a positive message to ladies everywhere, to not feel guilty about saying “no” to men that are not welcome. What do you think?

Great way to learn about products

One of the things I recently discovered is how useful YouTube can be when you are considering purchasing a product. For example, when Chuck was thinking about buying an ampeg amp he went to YouTube and typed in the keywords ampeg amp and found several videos about different ampeg amps. He found this review of one of them, and it helped him figure out whether or not to purchase it.

My aunt sent me an article about a leopard

I know I’ve told you that I have an aunt that lives in Londond. She sent me an email a long time ago with a link to a local paper (to her) that was running a story with pictures about a leopard that attacked a large crocodile. It was quite a battle; the leopard won the battle and hauled the crocodile off to eat. All I can say is that the leopard must have been pretty hungry to take on a crock! The article was on the Earth news section of the website of the London Telegraph paper at if you want to check it out.
Absolutely amazing!

Just out of curiousity, I went onto YouTube to see if I could find a video of the aforementioned event, and I did not find any videos of leopards fighting crocks, but I did find a video of a jaguar and a cayman. That’s pretty close, isn’t it? Here’s the video that I found on YouTube!


A couple of days ago I was online and saw a video of an all-male cheerleading team called the Prancing Elites. I watched the video, and was very ambiguous about the whole video. Yes, the team is full of good dancers. In fact, they were awesome dancers! What bothered me was that apparently I am turning into an old fart. I did not care for all of the hip-thrusts in the routine.

Now let me be the first to say this – I do not watch sports games, so I don’t see the cheerleaders doing their routines. I imagine that if I did, I would see a lot of hip-thrusts in all of the routines. And Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, did a lot of hip thrusts and groin groping in his dance routines. I think that these are gratuitous sexy moves, and I really wish that the dancers and cheerleaders would move away from the hip-thrusts. What do YOU think about that?

Following Nicholas Cage’s Acting Career

Nicholas Cage is one of the actors I have followed his entire career and like almost every movie he has been in. Some of my all-time favorite movies have included Cage in the cast, such as “Raising Arizona” and “The Rock.” His movie career actually goes back to 1982 when he played Nicholas Coppola in “Fast Times at Ridgememont High.” However, he broke into acting with a role in 1981 on “Best of Times,” a short lived teenage version of “Laugh In.

“It was good to see him the other night on Letterman. He seemed to be very relaxed and talkative, and he has several works in production, and shared some funny stories with the recent release of his new movie, “Stolen” with Will Montgomery. I found the Official Trailer #1 of Stolen on It’s less than two minutes long, but full of action the whole time.

I’m going to make a point of seeing that on our big screen that we got for Christmas that is looking and working real well in the living room – from watching a few clips, it has some rocking action scenes. I can’t really think of any movie that I have seen Nicholas Cage in and hope that he continues on with his acting career that has been going strong for a good long while now.