My best friend Gail wants to lose weight

My best friend Gail has gained a lot of weight since going on to college. That “freshman fifteen” turned into “freshman fifty” for her. I think that she made a mistake going off to a college so far away from home. She was very homesick, and turned to food for comfort. Now that she is home for the summer, she has been telling me that she wants to lose that weight that she gained before going back in the fall. We’ve been talking about how she needs to exercise and change her lifestyle, not just go on a crash diet.

We were reading some information about different diet plans on a website and found that it had a lot of resources that Gail can use to figure out how to lose weight. It has a section of helpful articles with diets facts like how many calories it takes to lose weight and how to stop the exercise excuses. We were both surprised when we read the article about how high-fructose corn syrup can impact your diet.

Custom printed stuff is cool

My mother collects magnets on her refrigerator door. No, I take that back, they have outgrown the refrigerator and have spread to the oven, the dishwasher; any and all metal surfaces in the kitchen are covered with magnets. Many of the magnets are customized advertising magnets that companies give away as little freebie promotional gifts to drum up business. Some of them are really quite cool looking! My dad’s business ordered some custom magnets for their company a few months ago. When my dad was looking at their website to place an order I was looking over his shoulder and saw that it is a great website to shop at if you want to order customized things for your own business. My dad ordered their free samples before ordering from them, which I thought was pretty smart of him to do.

Online shopping with online coupons

coupons (free clip art)
coupons (free clip art)
My family is one of those families that likes to use coupons to save money. When we go out to eat, if a restaurant has some kind of loyal customer rewards program, we sign up and get our rewards! We use credit cards that have rewards programs, and we clip coupons from the Sunday paper. We scour the paper and the Internet for bargains when we need to buy something.

I like to shop online, using online coupons, discounts and promotions whenever possible. When I was growing up, my parents instilled in me a large amount of frugality. We are always looking for bargains everywhere we go. That is why I really like using different couponing websites – they are always offering great discounts, promotions and discounts with their participating merchants. 

Questions about health insurance

I have been quite surprised by the number of people I am related to that still don’t understand the details of the Affordable Health Act, and what they are entitled to, and what they will need to spend, and what they can afford. I’ve asked the ones that live in North Carolina to check out the website and see if they can learn what they need to know. And I’ve suggested that if they still can’t figure it out, to please CALL an insurance agency in North Carolina that handles health insurance. It really is not as complicated as people seem to think that it is! Everyone should have health insurance!

Overpopulation is troublesome

population (free clip art)
population (free clip art)

I was reading an article on the Time website about how overpopulation is one of the largest issues that the world needs to address if we want to curb some of the environmental problems.  The supply and demand imbalance is largely contributing to the skyrocketing food and energy prices.

One of the things that I found interesting about this article was the proposition that the most successful way to control overpopulation is to put women in control of their own procreation.  In countries where women have access to birth control, the birth rate drops.  I imagine that’s very true, common sense would dictate that most women would not want to have a lot of children – children are a lot of work, and are expensive to care for!