Green beer day!

Green beer (free clip art)
Green beer (free clip art)

Well, today after work all of my friends got together at the local pub for green beer and the traditional St Patrick’s Day celebration. We all wore green or orange, and teased each other about which one of us wore which color. I wish I lived close enough to a place that holds a big St Patrick’s Day parade – I really like parades!

I hate Mondays!

I hate Mondays! My alarm clock failed to wake me up this morning, so I got a late start. Had to compete for the shower, which made me even more rushed to get ready for work! Then there were TWO (not just one, but TWO) car accidents blocking the roads on the way to work, causing me to have to detour TWICE to get to work! By the time I got to work I was wishing I had just stayed in bed and called in for a personal day off!

Finding freelance Computer and Internet experts

There is a website I’ve found called that brings customers and providers together for a large variety of computer/internet services. What is really unique about this particular website is that it has the customer pay an escrow account and not the provider directly. This is done to ensure that the service is done to the satisfaction of the customer before the provider is paid. There are a many different types of providers on this service, ranging from Freelance Web Designers, Graphic Arts and Design, Software Development, Web Development, Networking and Information Systems to name a few.

The providers of the services are highly skilled and talented people from around the world, so the buyers truly are shopping in a global marketplace. 

Here is how it works: The buyer registers and posts a project he wants done. The buyer searches and invites providers to bid on the project. The providers bid on the project. The buyer selects the winning bid and makes an escrow payment for the project amount.Then the buyer and provider work on the project; the provider is paid from the escrow account after the job has been completed to the buyer’s satisfaction. The buyer does not pay any fees to hire the provider. 

I’m going to have to register and see if I can make a little bit of money with them!

Personality profiles and employee enrichment

Many large corporations frequently hire outside vendors to assist them in doing specialized training programs/seminars for employee enrichment programs. One type of employee enrichment program revolves around learning more about your own personality, which then assists you in dealing with others, resolving conflicts, and developing your own goals. The employer has the employee answers questions prior to a seminar so that the employee can have the results before the seminar starts, and then the seminar helps the employees to understand how they can use the results to enrich their lives at home and at work. How do you feel about that?


Our old farmhouse

We live in a very old farmhouse that we’ve been slowly renovating over the years.  We work on one room at a time and progress is slow because we are doing most of the work ourselves.  Partly to save money, but mostly because it is almost impossible to find anyone around here that will show up and do the work after you hire them!  We have tried for a very long time to hire any and everyone we’ve heard of that does any kind of electric, plumbing, drywall, carpentry, painting.  No one wants to work!  So we have had to learn to do it ourselves if we wanted to get it done.  Our next project is going to be the master bathroom.