Beginning of the Leaf Blower Season

Labor Day Weekend has traditionally been known as the “End of Summer.” It is the last 3 day weekend with warm enough weather to go to the beach one last time, and it is the last weekend that most public and apartment complex swimming pools are open, north of the Mason Dixon Line. But for me, Labor Day means it is the beginning of the leaf blower season.

When the new school year starts up again and the weather turns cooler, everyone in my neighborhood cuts back on their yard work. We switch from riding our lawn mowers once every week to just every two weeks until Halloween, and after that we stop worrying about our yards completely and wait until we have to deal with shoveling snow and melting ice off our steps, sidewalks and driveways.

But in between mowing the grass and shoveling snow, we have to deal with leaves falling off the trees. You can only rake leaves so much before you start looking for an easier way to get the leaves out of the way. My solution, and that of most of my neighbors, is to buy a leaf blower. Some of us have gas powered high velocity blowers that make a LOT of noise while they are running, and couple have electric blowers that don’t make much noise but don’t really have much power, either. And the rest of us have batter powered leaf blowers, which recharge after each use and don’t entail dragging along a power cord that trips you and never seems quite long enough to reach every corner of the property.

This morning I was digging through the garage and found the stack of rakes, snow shovels and my good old battery powered leaf blower. I realized that I might as well pull them out from the deep dark corners of my garage and place them closer to the door. I’ll be needing them soon.

Swing set or tree house?

When Marcus told me that he was looking to buy a new house in Virginia Beach for his growing family, one of the biggest concerns for him was a good, fenced in yard for the kids and dogs. He was hoping to be able to find a house with a great swing set or tree-house already installed. I was telling him that he should just focus on the house and yard, because it really won’t be hard to find a dealer for swing sets in virginia beach that would be more than happy to come out and install one for him. As for tree houses, well, they are fun, but I’m not sure that the insurance companies would appreciate having them, and they might actually increase their premiums. I’d stick with a swing set, if I were him.

Seasonal trees

I have decided to add a few more trees to my yard, but I want them to be seasonal. In other words, I want some color in my yard all year long. I already have a few evergreens that are for winter color and I have a couple of oaks that are native to the area, but I want some blooming trees for spring and summer so that they stand out. I may have to get rid of a couple of trees that are old though, before I can start. At least two of them are in the areas I want the new trees in.

I think for spring, that magnolia and apple will be great. Magnolia have really large blooms and apple trees will give me fruit at the end of summer to boot. Having fruit trees is a definite plus. Actually that is a really good idea, and other fruit bearing trees might be in order as well. I may even decide to plant a Japanese Cherry tree. Everyone knows how beautiful they are. I am not sure yet, but perhaps the Japanese maple and the dogwood for summer. They are both really colorful in multiple seasons. You can’t really beat that.

The Buzz of Leaf Blowers

My neighbor has hired a crew of men to help with his yard work. They showed up this morning around 7:00 am, which is not too early for me but a little early for disturbing your neighbors, don’t you think?

The men have been working pretty steadily since they arrived, and once of them is using a leaf blower. I like the idea of those machines, and I have a few myself. But it is really annoying to be awakened by the buzz of a leaf blower. And it becomes more annoying every 10 or 20 minutes that go by and you have to listen to that awful droning buzz going on and on.

It seems to go on endlessly. I really hope they finish up soon.